STEYR 8130a Turbo SK2 basic version

V 1.3.0 Steyr 8130a Turbo SK2 mod for Farming Simulator 19

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Hello, now the time has come, the Steyr 8130a Turbo SK2 basic version will be provided for you.






Baisisversion; Basic version means that this model will be extended / updated. We will not rename the zip file, so you can continue a game without having to buy the vehicle every time.








A big THANKS goes to Joe968 (, for approval to use his newly built LESNIK front linkage.




Furthermore, a big THANKS goes to Max, MB3D Modeling ( who again gave us the release for the release of the Steyr model.








Info / Data to the original:




Engine: STEYR WD 611.88 (~ 5.2l 6 cylinder) with turbo

Driven: Deutz TW90 with power shift stage (SeyrMatic), 36v / 12r gears

Construction period: 1987-1995 with SK2 cabin (Super Comfort 2nd generation cabin (SK2))

Dead weight: 4440kg

Power: 115 hp (since 1992)

Tank capacity 120l







Now to the model:




It's not perfect but it's fun to drive :)




Lesnik FH + FZ buyable

new original sound recording (from fellow steyrmodder)

Digi speedometer (kmh + rpm display), tank, temp. Display animated / illuminated

Disc tinting revised

Ackerschiene installed


Hydrac Autolock FL console purchasable

Hauer XB Bionic FL console purchasable

Windscreen wiper animated (in rain)

seat suspension

Connection pants ready

RUL fix installed

swing axle

Real Manual Transmission ready

approx. real lighting (from switching on) in the roof lights, the high beam is on, dimmable

       Press button F once = limiting + dipped beam


       Press button F twice = Parking light + low beam (rooflight)


       Button NUM 5 = LED front work light


       Button NUM 6 = back work light



When pulling the trailer, the (hydraulic) upper link is hidden at the rear.


(Is so intentional, so you have 2 hydraulic connections more available.)




Wheels sets:




Standard v: 440 / 65R28 h: 460 / 85R38





The same wheelset was also available "without Kotis" in front

for selection (can be bought in the shop).










We wish you much joy and fun with the mod :)




MfG yours




STEYR Modding Team




(unkwnon000, steyrmodder, Domi, John)


Modell: Urmodell (8080a SK1 LS13): MB3D Modelling, Umbau/LS19 ready: STEYR Modding Team, Lesnik FH: Joe968, Unterlenker: Modellfreak
Textur: STEYR Modding Team, Lesnik FH: Joe968, Unterlenker: Modellfreak
Script: Giants Software, Manuel Leitner (SFM-Modding) (IC Controll Skirpt), LS19 ready; Rolnik410 Karas Proxim Svitch
Idee / Konzept: STEYR Modding Team
Tester: STEYR Modding Team

Sounds:  STEYR Modding Team


  • 27 Jul 14:42
    Version 1.3.0 Steyr 8130a Turbo SK2

    - Scheibenwischer animation überarbeitet
    - Lesnik FH + FZ kaufbar (Anhängerkupplungen-Konfi)
    - Digi Tacho: Betriebsstunden werden jz angezeigt (statt der Drehzahl)
    - "STEYR"-Schriftzug bei den Dachscheinis geändert (rot)
    - Dachschini-Glas hinten erneuert
    - Forstversion hinzugefügt (extra kaufbar)
    - Kommunalversion hinzugefügt (extra kaufbar)

    !! ACHTUNG !!
    NUR für Standartbereifung gedacht!
    - Schneeketten (Forst, Kommunal) hinzugefügt (2. Design Konfi)

  • 17 Jul 00:22
    Version 1.2.0 Steyr 8130a Turbo SK2

    - IC Controll verbaut

    IC Controll Skript:
    Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
    LS19 ready (converted):
    Rolnik410 Karas Proxim Svitch

  • 01 Jul 20:22
    Version 1.1.0 Steyr 8130a Turbo SK2

    - Tür L, Tür R, Frontscheibe, Heckscheibe, Dachluke, Scheibe R animiert (zum öffnen)
    - Radset hinzugefügt:
    Breitreifen v: 540/65R24 h: 600/65R38
    Pflegereifen v: 230/95R32 h: 270/95R48

  • 26 Jun 19:16
    Version 1 Steyr 8130a Turbo SK2




26.06 2019
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