UAZ Modular Set

V 1.0 mod for Farming Simulator 17

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here I present you the "UAZ Modular Set" (swap bodies) available.

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The set includes the following cars, trailers, superstructures:

UAZ truck, single axle trailer chassis, fuel trailers, water tank assembly, service structure, grain structure, livestock building.

Fuel tank with 1000 liters

Water tank with 1500 liters

Grain structure (standard fruit) with 3000 liters

Service structure to fill the sowing machine, fertilizer spreader, etc.

Cattle structure for pigs, sheep, cattle

The Modpack has its own category in the shop.


F eatures:

complete standard LS functions and features

LS17 lighting

Full Animated


Open / Close Cover for

Tailgate (grain, livestock building) to open / close

the two sides on the service structure can be opened / closed with the mouse button, only when they are open can be the equipment to fill it.

Service structure can be loaded with seeds and fertilizer from stationary gas stations (as in Sosnovka).



In a later version features are further planned as, engine variations, wheel variants, Designevarianten (like my LS15 versions), color selection etc.


I wish you much fun with the mod :)

MfG Jekyll





Modell: Avalon Style Entertainmen

Ingame/Umbau: Jekyll, Weder, KOVSH, wraith72

Script: Giants, marhu



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    Version 1.0


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25.12 2016
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 17
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  1. holliday50 30. 12 2016

    This is a really fantastic mod. I love everything about it. I really like the illuminated & animated dash. Can I ask what the single-axle trailer would be used for? I would like to see ratchet straps added to that.

    3 replies

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