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Welcome to "USA Legend"

This map is not based on an existing region.
Loving large expanses and fields of all sizes, I decided to create a map that would suit me to play.
After several months of realization, I propose you this card of size 4X and allowing you to cultivate in a universe "USA"

This map is currently under development!
To learn more, read the Readme in the folder.

I wish you a good game and I hope you have a good time on this map.


Idea / Concept: Kikored

Mods added to the map:  



  • ·         Vestas Windturbine from FSven and Kyosho



I thank the official testers of my map very much. If you want to test the map, to make it evolve, contact me.

- Alain0306 (France)


  • 06 Jul 00:46

    - Ajouts de cultures supplémentaires
    - Modification du matereil de base
    - Corrections des prix de certains points de ventes
    - Rectification des prix des zone achetables
    - Corrections et ajouts de détails divers sur la carte.

    - Addition of additional cultures
    - Modification of the basic material
    - Price corrections for certain points of sale
    - Adjustment of the prices of the purchasable zones
    - Corrections and additions of various details on the map.

  • 22 Jun 22:32

    - Corrections de triggers de vente
    - Correction du système de train (Chargement et déchargement fonctionnels )
    - Ajout d'un point de chargement pour le train, à coté du BGA
    - Ajout point de vente pour le train (Silo Nord)
    - Ajout d'un stockage de foin et herbe à la ferme
    - Ajout des missions de transports
    - Ajouts de multiples objets sur la carte
    - Certaines usines et points de ventes ont, maintenant, des heures d'ouvertures !
    - Correction de textures
    - Autres modifications mineures

    !! Attention, cette version ne permets pas l'utiisation de sauvegarde des versions précédentes. Il est necessaire de recommander une partie !!

    - Sales triggers fixes
    - Correction of the train system (Loading and unloading functional)
    - Added a loading point for the train, next to the BGA
    - Addition of point of sale for the train (North Silo)
    - Adding a storage of hay and grass on the farm
    - Addition of transport missions
    - Add multiple objects to the map
    - Some factories and points of sale now have opening hours!
    - Texture correction
    - Other minor modifications

    !! Warning, this version does not allow the use of backup of previous versions. It is necessary to recommend a part !!

  • 15 Jun 22:27

    Version (BETA) – 15.06.2019

    • Removed some log errors.
    • Fixed terrain and texture errors.
    • Modification of the "Agry Supply" point of sale and correction of several sales triggers.
    • Correction of road traces (not 100%)

  • 11 Jun 16:21
    Version - BETA




11.06 2019
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2 Comments for USA Legend

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  1. PsYcHoRiPpEr 03. August

    i have one problem with this little bumper in the mittle of all street. pls bring the kollision out from this things. my trucks and many more get stucked,jumped and other stupid thinks. its make feel the gamy ist broken when i stop on anythink on a free street.
    or cancel them all, i dont now why is that here. thanks for the map.

  2. kikored1 26. June

    I inform you that I am finalizing the implementation of additional crops on the map.
    I unfortunately do not have much time to do it right now, but I hope to put the new version online for the first week of July.
    In the meantime, do not hesitate to tell me all the problems you encounter on the map, that I can correct them as soon as possible. If you have suggestions to improve it I am also listening.
    Thank you all for the return and videos that have been made on this map and I hope you enjoy it.
    Good game to all.
    Ich informiere Sie darüber, dass ich die Implementierung zusätzlicher Kulturen auf der Karte abschließe.
    Leider habe ich im Moment nicht viel Zeit, aber ich hoffe, die neue Version für die erste Juliwoche online zu stellen.
    Zögern Sie in der Zwischenzeit nicht, mir alle auf der Karte aufgetretenen Probleme mitzuteilen, damit ich sie so schnell wie möglich beheben kann. Wenn Sie Verbesserungsvorschläge haben, höre ich auch zu.
    Vielen Dank für die Rückkehr und die Videos, die auf dieser Karte gemacht wurden, und ich hoffe, es gefällt euch.
    Gutes Spiel an alle.

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