Veenhuis SW550

V 2.2 mod for Farming Simulator 2011

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This mod is scaled 1:1.

Please read first, then think and write.


This is a Veenhuis SW-550 (version 2.2) go to grass silage and.


We at "Badoto" have, after long back and forth and decided to

him to the DL observed when we get the necessary approvals.

Many thanks to Kyosho's Modfactory & fruktor for the shares.


What has changed in the case of our old version.


- Scale 1:1

- Animated rolling

- Häckselklappe adjustable stuffenlos

- Animated slate floor

- Tonneau cover

- New plans

- Is now unloaded real


- Washable (washable)

- Lichscript V3

- <capacity> 55 000 </ capacity>


   Häckselklappe close "Taste_k"
   Häckselklappe open "" Taste_m "
   Laderaumbdeckung "" Taste_j "


It is a very nice trailer for both MP and SP.

It is error-free and works perfectly.

With whom the "front or rear axle" should be in the air, which has the Attacher

adapt itself to the trailer, because we have adapted it to our truck.


Have fun with it.


! The mod can be set to other sites using the original download links.!


LS09: Kanalratte
LS11 and Edit by Dorsy & Balu79nvp
1zu1 scaled by Jesse James
Scripte by fruktor
Animierter Kratzboden & Laderaumabdeckung by Kyosho's Modfactory


  • 09 Jun 15:17
    Version 2.2




checksum: e7b0b4af0e6ea2f3e7addedb610ab800
Version: 2.2
multiplayer ready? no
Author: Dorsy and Balu79nvp
price in shop: 35896 LS
name in shop: VeenhuisSW550
description in shop: Veenhuis SW 550
LS09: Kanalratte
LS11 and Edit by Dorsy and Balu79nvp
1zu1 scaled by Jesse James
Scripte by fruktor
Animierter Kratzboden and Laderaumabdeckung by Kyosho's Modfactory

09.06 2012
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V 2.2
Farming Simulator 2011
6.58 MB 8975
09. 06 2012 8,975

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