VW Golf 5 GTI police

V 1.0 mod for Farming Simulator 2013

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This is my edit of Harrythemasters VW golf 5 GTI!

I have turned it into an unmarked policecar with following functions:

Bluelights, keypad 4

Headlight flash, keypad 7

Stoplights, keypad 5

LED beacon, keypad 8

Sirens are started by either R, T or Y (3 kinds of them).

Brakelights and turning indicators is also working on this car.

The top speed is +62mph :)


A HUGE thanks to harrythemaster for let me upload his mod!


Lightsaddon- sven777b
Edit: wm modding


  • 28 Jul 20:10
    Version 1.0



checksum: e49d667cd2ac8be159e12a9ae01f7700
Version: 1.0
multiplayer ready? no
Author: Harrythehamster (edit by wille)
price in shop: 32500 LS
name in shop: VW golf GTI unmarked police
description in shop:
Volkswagen golf GTI unmarked police!
Keys with function:
1, 2, 3-turning indicators/warning blinker
4- bluelights
5- stoplights
7- headlight flash
8- beacon

28.07 2013
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2.31 / 16 Votes


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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 2013
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28. 07 2013 7,526

6 Comments for VW Golf 5 GTI police

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  1. wm_modding 30. 07 2013

    In the german version, do you germans want only a big beacon or a big beacon with two flashers in the window (I've seen both on youtube)?

  2. wm_modding 29. 07 2013

    So, with help of google translate I've understand now that many of you think there is too much bluelights but the other things you have written isn't being translated properly.

    I am listening to the critic so I am going to make a new version with less bluelights and I will add a german siren to that one.

    There is more bluelights on a unmarked VW passat for example...
    Anyway, will see if I turn it into a marked policecar too :)

  3. wm_modding 28. 07 2013

    "too much bluelight.
    Please edit it"
    Maybe you think so, the ones I look at (Swedish ones) got more than this.
    Will see if I can find a video for you...

    Still, I don't understand german and google translate isn't helping so much...

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