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Hello, today there is again a wind turbine. The basic model is the wind turbine of the LS15 or LS17. I changed the texture and the size.

Price: 1.000.000 €

Maintenance costs: 250 € per day

Power per hour: 1500kw

Revenue per hour: 1500 € (easy), 1000 € (normal), 750 € (hard)

The WKA is paid on the difficulty level "easy" after 27 days, on "normal" after 41 days and on "heavy" after 55 days, and then earns profit.

There are 8 different rotations, so I'm using a new category called "Windenergy".

As you can tell by the title, this is a big version. This means that there will soon be a smaller version with some other textures!


Changes in V1.1

-New store picture
-i3d file was cleaned up


Special thanks go to Ifko[nator], who allowed me to use his script "AddStoreCategrory".

The mod may not be uploaded to any other mod pages. NOTES on this page (Modhoster) are allowed!

Have fun!




Modell: GIANTS Software, FSven
Textur: FSven
Script: Ifko[nator]
Idee / Konzept: FSven
Tester: FSven


  • 10 Jan 14:48
    Version 1.1

    -Neues Storebild
    -i3d File wurde aufgeräumt

  • 06 Oct 11:31
    Version 1.0


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    by FSven
    ago 5 months
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    by FSven
    ago 5 months
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    by FSven
    ago 5 months
  • 905014
    by FSven
    ago 5 months


06.10 2019
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V 1.1
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 19
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