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For all the friends of a more realistic play style. Some loads will be blown away by heavy winds when transported in open trailers or other vehicles.
The strength of this effect depends on the kind of load as well as on the fill level of the respective vehicle. A fully filled trailer will be much more affected by the mod than an only partially filled one. High velocities have an overproportional effect on the blowing strength. Closing the cover of trailers avoids the effect of losing loads. So if a vehicle has no cover, you should think about what to transport with it.

You can see a particle effect when the load of the trailer is being blown away by the wind. For now the particle effect is static so to say. This means that it doesn't change color according to the fill type. But it changes intensity according to the strength of the blowing effect. This gives you an impression of how much load you're loosing when driving with open trailers. I will try to figure out in the future how to adapt the smoke color according to the fill type.

New in this version:
The mechanic that the load gets lost above certain tilt angles of the vehicle is now moved to a separate mod called "Tilt Losses" (FS22_TiltLosses). check it out if you like the idea ;-)
I tried to fix a bug that causes crashing of the game when changing the configuration of some vehicles in the game. I found some issue with vehicles that have a fill unit configured which has a capacity of zero. I don't know if that#s even allowed.
I hope this fixes the issue for good. If not, I'm happy for any hint what might be wrong with the initialization of the particle system within this mod. Unfortunately I don't know what else to check right now. because the game wouldn't show any error message when it crashes :-(
If you have issues with the mod causing the game to crash, try to ddisbale the particles in the mod config. Up to now this seems to solve the problem. Even though you cannot see the particles anymore.

The package includes a .xsd file which describes the allowed configuration paramaters of the modDesc.xml.

Important note: This is still work in progress! I'm thankful for any feedback about bugs, errors or improvement suggestions.


Script: Sushifresser
Idee / Konzept: Bikercelle, Sushifresser
Tester: aelxr, Bikercelle

  • 20 Apr 20:10

    - bugfix with vehicles that may change configuration to not supported variants. Caused mod to be stuck on this vehicle

  • 18 Apr 20:18

    - moved tilt losses mechanic into separate mod "FS22_TiltLosses"
    - bugfix of crashing with particles on vehicles with fill units that have a capacity of 0
    - bugfix: vehicles with multiple fill units now shows particles for every fill unit

  • 29 Mar 20:41

    - bugfix in tilt loss procedure for non trailer vehicles
    - (trying to) bugfix in initialization of particle system on certain vehicles

  • 23 Mar 20:03

    - introduced tilting losses of vehicles
    - bugfix in particle system to prevent crashes on swap-body vehicles

  • 20 Jan 18:22

    - bugfix in particle system initialization introduced by V0.0.5.0

  • 18 Jan 21:14

    first implementation of particle system for blowing effect. See mod description for limitations

  • 19 Dec 20:03

    bugfix of addSpecialization function in RegisterSpecialization.lua (line 80)

  • 07 Feb 22:23

    - added some more description text
    - added possibility to determine the minimum required speed above which loads will be blown away by the modDesc.xml
    - added a global blow factor which is multiplied with the internal calculation results of the blow rates. It can be adjusted via the modDesc.xml. Standard is 1.0 which is equal to 100%. Setting this value to zero will effectively turn off the mod. Higher values increase the strength of the blwoing effect.
    - script now includes the possibility to exclude vehicles based on the user config from modDesc.xml

  • 06 Feb 10:40


06.02 2022
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12 Comments for WindyLoads

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  1. SpliffBiff 08. January

    Crashes Game. When buying or selling a trailer. Nothing in Log.

  2. xTosca8x 22. 12 2023

    Hi @sushifresser Tilt losses only make broke a game.. Crash whole game during losing example a pallets etc.. Need to fix ASAP if possible, thank you.

    2 replies

  3. Sushifresser 18. 04 2023

    Hey all,

    again a new version of this mod.
    Most importantly I hope to have fixed the crashing issue finally.
    Also the tilt losses feature has been removeed from WindyLoads and moved into a separate mod "Tilt Losses" (geman "Kippverluste"):

    I hope you enjoy it. Best regards,

  4. Sushifresser 29. 03 2023

    Hey folks,

    I have just uploaded a new minor version of this mod. This version tries to fix some bugs with the particle system initialization. I hope it solves the crashing issues. Otherwise I would really like to get some tips about particles and how to set them up correctly. Maybe I'm missing something there.
    I hope it works fine now. Have fun using this mod!
    Best regards,

  5. Sushifresser 23. 03 2023

    Hey folks,

    I've just uploaded a new version of the WindyLoads mod. This version tries to fix the crashing issue with swap-body vehicles. Please let me know if there are still issues.
    The main new feature of this version is the loss of the load when the vehicle is tilted too much. This effect can be reduced by closing the covers. But it cannot be completely prevented. I will also upload a video showing the new features soon.
    Have fun with the mod and let me know about your feedback.
    Best regards,

  6. nagor 26. 01 2023

    Bei Konfiguration im Cargo Body Workshop zur Plattform und zurück in Unimog U400 bei aktiviertem Exhaust Extension Spiel stürzt ohne log.txt-Fehlerprotokoll auf dem Desktop ab. Seit gibt es so etwas nicht.

    1 replies

  7. Sushifresser 20. 01 2023

    Hey guys,
    the bug in the particle system initialization is fixed now with V0.0.5.1.
    I really hope that the new feature can now be used extensively by you. Please let me know when you encounter any problems. Please mind that the whole thing is still work in progress. Also see the mod description for still existing limitations.

    Best regards,

  8. Sushifresser 18. 01 2023

    Ich habe leider erst nach dem Upload festgestellt, dass aktuell die Version noch einige Fehler wirft. Da ist mir wohl beim "Aufräumen" des Codes vor dem Veröffentlichen ein Fehler unterlaufen. Ich bitte um Entschuldigung und werde das in den nächsten Tagen noch beheben. Die Mod scheint aber dennoch zu funktionieren. Wenn ihr auf Nummer Sicher gehen wollt, dann wartet lieber noch auf das nächste Update und nutzt weiter die Version Leider kann ich bei Modhoster scheinbar eine veröffentlichte Version nicht zurückrufen.

    2 replies

  9. nagor 22. 11 2022

    Leider nicht kompatibel mit dem Precision Farming DLC.

    1 replies

  10. Thunder2529 26. 02 2022

    Hey, wirklich eine sehr gute Idee! Daumen hoch dafür! Nice. Wenn du es zum Schluss noch schaffst, das du evtl. noch einen shader mir einbaust (den Qualm wie beim Dreschen) sobald der Effekt startet (sprich, man sieht dann sogar das wegfliegende Getreide), wäre das Perfekt!
    Weiter so.LG.

  11. BizzWare 07. 02 2022

    Top! So haben die Planen auch endlich einen Sinn!

  12. bikercelle 06. 02 2022

    Sehr cooler Mod! Mehr davon!