Winter service truck MAN (deco)

V 2 mod for Farming Simulator 17

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Here is my latest remodeling and idea I would like to give you.

Snow makes many people happy, but it can also cause trouble - when it gets smooth. If pedestrians fall on poorly cleared sidewalks, the owners of adjacent houses are liable and streets must be free.


The MAN Truck Winter Service ensures safe roads and sidewalks.


Unfortunately, I still managed the salt shaker has no function but as a follow me a nice addition.


So do not start nagging !!


Very important: the ls 17 Light Addon is needed to use all the lights without any problems.


I hope you like the idea.


Until further notice.






Urmodell: Giants Software

Umbau und Bearbeitung:  John Deere 5615F (TschiZack Gameing) Kaki Power29
Frontblitzer:  OcciRS (MXND-Modelling)
Scripte (die Scripte fand ich in einem Öffentlichen Mod):  Ifko[nator]
Tester: Kaki Power 29


  • 15 Mar 16:46
    Version 2

    Winterdienst Paket für Ls 17

    Der neuer Lkw der Marke Tatra Phoenix mit Frontkuplung für Schneeflug und Schneefräse.

    Schneeflug von (Lantmannen) und Poettinger Universal Loader von (Farmer_Andy)
    Kaki Power 29: Umbau mit deko Sachen, Neuen Texturen und Warnleuchten an Schneeflug

    Sind in Winterdienst Paket enthalten.

  • 13 Mar 23:07
    Version 1



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V 2
Farming Simulator 17
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Farming Simulator 17
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