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V 1.4 mod for Farming Simulator 19

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This mod increases the engine speed when using hydraulic tools (moving tools), tilting, unfolding, lifting or rotating the implement, etc. and displays RPM Hud.
RPM increases by default to these values:
moving tools - minMotorRpm + 15%
-Tippings - minMotorRpm + 40%
Fold / Unfold - minMotorRpm + 30%
Lifting / turning tool - minMotorRpm + 30%
/ fold-out tube - minMotorRpm + 10%
- You can set working RPM for each action in your VEHICLE XML file (see readme.txt in zip).
- You can deactivate the speed increase for each action and save it for each vehicle in your score
- RPM color change to red when the speed reaches 80% of maxMotorRpm

-deactivate workRpm for tip - "KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_1"
-Deactivate workRpm to fold - "KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_2"
-Deactivate workRpm for Rotate - "KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_3"
-Deactivate workRpm for lifting - "KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_4"
-deactivate workRpm for movingTools - "KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_5"
-deactivate workRpm for pipeFolding - "KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_6"

If you find errors or problems, please let me know in the comments or at and I will fix it in the next version.


Script: kenny456, Xentro, Webby
Idee / Konzept: kenny456
Tester: kenny456


  • 26 Jan 16:50
    Version 1.4




checksum: 60c0ac7cf4ec2bfadf178021cd2154a2
Version: 1.4
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: kenny456
price in shop: LS
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26.01 2019
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V 1.4
Farming Simulator 19
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  1. kenny456 27. 01 2019

    If you dont want to show RPM HUD, simple comment lines 470 - 515 in workRPM.lua.

  2. luki0203 29. 01 2019

    Hello you have a little bug at line 472 because you have switched false with true so that does not work the other hud with the "enhancevehicle"

  3. Bruid3 27. 01 2019

    The download was blocked by my security suite

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