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Welcome to the XLFarms X1 map. The first map of the XLFarms series for the game Farming Simulator17.
The XLFarms Project came up in 2009 with the modification of existing maps, such as BigVirginIsland. Then in 2011 with the Agritec and Fuhrmann Map EDITED. 2013 with Agrarfrost, Agroland, Paradise, Sunshine and in 2015 with XLFarms and its series of private maps.
I was severely criticized (with good reason, though I disagree) for using objects from other maps without permission. So I decided to stay away from FS15, so I did not post anything. Now I return.
Currently, it remains "private" with restricted sharing for those accessing my YouTube channel and Facebook page.
One of the main goals of having maps with large fields was the appearance of PatchTractor, currently CoursePlay. I wanted to use 2, 4, 6, 10 machines operating a same field, but the current ones were small and did not allow this. So I started modeling maps and sharing them.
If you watch the videos on YouTube, you will always see a lot of equipment working. This is beautiful!
The map does not have the creation of any type of animal. You also can not cut trees.
Like other maps that are emerging, with a specific branch of agriculture, in this map the focus is the production of grains. So do not ask to insert animals, as they are not part of the logic of the project.
It is still in development, so it is a BETA in state W.I.P.
I have not yet developed the documentation or tutorial of what you can do on the map, where the triggers are, what each seat does, where to put your grains, where to sell ...
Just an advice:
To fuel your seeder, spray ... buy fertilizers and seeds at the store.
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Chopped Straw
XLFarms Projects


Map by MoslessNeo

Weight Station and Grain Dryer By: n0tr3adY

Sukup grain bin pack (main farm silos) 

Model & Texture - ThompsonM06 
Developed & released by LazyMod Studios FSD 



Bio-Diesel Raffinerie



Bauer heini

Shell Tankstelle





Sheds by Mike_Modding_nl


AnhydrosFacility from the map FS17_LoneStarV1 by rmckinney


Station wash 9M kaercher HDS-C 8 / 15E: Blacksheep Modding


  • 31 Dec 12:16

    Added sugarcane (Requires DLC Platinum Edition)
    Revised all points of sale
    Prices revised in all seasons
    Disable price drop in all seasons
    Added new waterplane
    Added new objects
    Removing some objects
    Readaptation of objects
    Restoration of vegetation
    General Object Review
    Overall field review
    Generated a new collisionMap
    Fix other small bugs

  • 28 Sep 19:31

    Added some new objects (details) on the map
    Adjusted fruit prices for sale
    Adjusted the volumetric capacity of the silos according to the quantity of silos in the farm
    Adjusted triggers for straw and woodchips
    Fixed floating objects
    Fixed small bugs
    Defined new collisionMap for all maps
    Review of all fields

  • 24 Jun 20:36
    Version 2.1.2

    * Generated a new collision file for the map
    * Fixed collision problems on the map
    * Fixed bug in BGA
    * Fixed field boundaries
    * Fixed field size
    * Removed objects in inappropriate places
    * Adjusted straw trigger and bales of hay
    * Point of sale signage
    * Review details
    * Fix of several other small bugs
    * New vehicles for early career
    * Adjusted field purchase icons

  • 28 May 19:31
    Version 1.1.8


    1. 12/01/2017 - Log file is zeroed
    1. Log files pointed to a second trigger, so the storage and grainStation and the old trigger were removed. With this, the error log has been reset and the map is ready for a Pre_Release.

    2. 15/01/2017 - Start of afforestation and detailing the water duct.
    1. Placed the waterPlane and tested ingame for its functionality.
    2. beginning of afforestation and placement of aquatic vegetation (test phase and experimentation)

    3. 01/17/2017 - Continuity of afforestation of the landscape
    1. Map boundary planning
    2. Planning distanceHills
    3. Maybe put minimum and maximum views to avoid viewing problems
    4. re schematic problem with aquatic plants
    5. Scenario Detailing
    6. Tidy boundaries of terrain with surrounding peripheral roads
    7. tests

    4. 18-19 / 01/2017 Starting the field definition
    1. Starting the study of the definition of fields
    2. Seized the correct way to make the definition, through the use of parallelograms

    5. 20/01/2017 - Appreciative of using fieldDimension and field reset
    1. Standardization of fields
    2. Initial field definition
    3. Initiation of preparations for the creation of the PDA

    6. 3/8/2017 - In these last days you learned how to work with the train system, how to create splines and how to model them. Fields have been defined, learned how to create, modify and solve problems with silos
    1. new complex transport system with dual rail circuit with 28 wagons of 95,000 each.
    2. new modeling of storage silos
    3. complete remodeling of mainfarm
    4. harnessing
    5. vegetation
    6. testing and bug fixes
    7. added choppedstraw

    7. 03/12/2017
    1. Revised all fields
    2. New method for calibrating train route, using a line and aligning all points on it.

    8. 03/29/2017
    1. It was several days of work to come up with a stable beta, still in development but playable.
    2. Several adjustments have been made and the map is flatter, with several bugs fixed. Capacity adjustment of silos and trains, triggers, details, cleaning log file.
    3. Adjusted values ??for sale of products
    4. Added village, still W.I.P
    5. New PDA with the current map definition
    6. Landscaping Adjustment
    7. Redefining the fields
    8. Testing for bugs

    9. 04/11/2017
    1. Replacing the silos with models with few polygons, the old silos were well detailed but extremely heavy, which compromised overall performance.
    2. replaced the place of sale of hay by model of sale in bulk and bales.
    3. Added lights in garages, hoppers and other major locations
    4. Worked the lighting on the map
    5. Working the viewDistance of the objects, seeking to optimize the performance
    6. Many bugs fixed, objects removed, inserted with less descriptive value

    10. 04/16/2017
    1. Made the first online publication on the ModHoster website. The map was well accepted.
    2. After posting, several objects have been removed / added

    11. 05/05/2017
    1. Many advances in X1 project enhancement
    1. routing to the final version, after hours of stability testing and map functionality. All triggers are working, silos have been reshuffled, objects have been removed, others have been adjusted.

    2. Project X1 moves on to the refinement phase
    3. Intuitive X2 project with X1 export as base
    1. Creation of the railway network and completion of field demarcation
    2. Field boundary settings
    3. Thinking about the possibility of putting choppedstraw
    4. reshaping field definitions for symmetry and harmonization

    12. 05/14/2017
    1. New garage modeling for fitting to DLC BigBud implements
    2. Revised map limits
    3. Other small adjustments
    4. Testing

    13. 05/24/2017
    1. Adjust the map display images
    2. Adjustments in crop fields on map X1
    3. Testing and bug fixes
    4. Routing of BETA versions 0.1.x to be final versions 1.0.0

    14. 5/25/2017
    1. Fixed several bugs on the map, trying to keep the log clean
    2. Fixed errors generated by the hydraulic gate in the garage (Static for Kinematic)
    3. Fixed bug with 2 wheatStraw triggers
    4. Fixed floating objects
    5. Performance tests performed
    6. New icons, better description, updated and updated PDA Map

  • 12 Apr 18:50
    Version 0.1.5




12.04 2017
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  1. XLFarms 14. 04 2017

    Hello friends.
    Thanks for the criticisms and suggestions.
    I'm working on a 4x map that has the same "mainFarm" with fields 1600x1600 - 64ha each.
    This X1 project is just the beginning.

  2. XLFarms 01. 06 2017

    You are not required to like or download. If you do not like it, just look.
    This is not unreal.

  3. aadje93 14. 04 2017

    Very nice project for the new big bud DLC! Looking forward to your 4x map, but would like a more detailed main yard, and more detail on big cow/pig farming :)

  4. JimmytheGeek 12. 04 2017

    Holy *****! I'm so glad to see you come back! I've missed your maps terribly, because I love to farm big with Courseplay!

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