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This is the final version of the 16x XLFarms X3 map. The map has a new topography based in the north of the USA. It has new textures and details in general.   Features 22 Standard fields of 256ha 4 Standard fields of 64ha Wind Energy Park Single main farm with: Large garage for storing large machines Fuel station Fertilizer and seed station Local point of sale (Inside the main farm) Large capacity storage point 2 storage points with direct loading for the trains Point for sale of strawbale Free area for mods placement (DLC Straw suggestion) Ample complex of sales of grains with: 2 places of sale 2 places of sale for trains   Enjoy!


Sukup grain bin pack (main farm silos) 

Model & Texture - ThompsonM06 

Developed & released by LazyMod Studios FSD 



Bio-Diesel Raffinerie by auwgl


Bauer heini by Shell Tankstelle


Radarturm by Rummelboxer


Sheds by Mike_Modding_nl


AnhydrosFacility from the map FS17_LoneStarV1 by rmckinney


Station wash 9M kaercher HDS-C 8 / 15E: Blacksheep Modding


Doors from the mod MachineShed100x50


Models, Textures, Sound by SickleBandit


New Texture: Eribus (LS-Modcompany)  


  • 26 Oct 18:34

    - Fixed shed lights
    - Fix FARM_SILO storageRadius*
    - Fixed: overhead power towers on X3 maps
    You do not need to start a new save game. :)

  • 20 Oct 20:08
    Version 12.3.2

    Fixed shed lights
    Fixed overhead power towers
    You do not need to start a new save game.

  • 20 Oct 20:03
    Version 12.3.2

    Fixed shed lights
    Fixed: overhead power towers on X3 maps
    You do not need to start a new save game

  • 08 Oct 22:09
    Version 12.3.1

    Bug fixs
    Clean log!
    Review of all triggers (stations)
    storageRadius set to 500
    WINDROW_STORAGE triger fixed
    fix PDA map size

  • 28 Aug 17:35

    Several improvements to a final release.

  • 11 May 18:40

    New relief based on real topography
    Review and complete replanning of the main farm
    Complete review of all points of sale and prices and variations based on the original
    Added greater capacity for fruit storage with cost of 0.001 / L
    New ambiance and detailed decoration
    Object Optimization
    New mountains and extreme borders at the edges of the map
    Correction of various bugs

  • 31 Dec 23:53

    Added sugarcane (Requires DLC Platinum Edition)
    Revised all points of sale
    Prices revised in all seasons
    Disable price drop in all seasons
    Added new waterplane
    Added new objects
    Removing some objects
    Readaptation of objects
    Restoration of vegetation
    General Object Review
    Overall field review
    Generated a new collisionMap
    Fix other small bugs

  • 26 Oct 20:55




checksum: 19085b18ebeaa6b33c00d981e5259d16
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Author: MoslessNeo
price in shop: LS
name in shop: XLFarms X3 Final Edition
description in shop: This is the XLFarms X3 Final Edition

26.10 2017
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  1. flotruck 13. 07 2021

    die map ist sehr schön und supper alles perfeckt!!!! aber nur die felder kante eckiges gefällt mir nicht soo !!!!

  2. NightRaven 03. 06 2019

    Will this map be on FS19 soon, love it and would like to continue playing it on FS19.

  3. The sky is all black

  4. Kamnekus 30. 08 2018

    Please add these crops; rye, oats, millet, rice, sorghum, cotton, onions and carrots.

  5. Gtg925 06. 01 2018

    add a PDA picture please