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Description for FendtPack

First we come to the Fendt Vario 1000 ! Here it needs a little imagination because not everything you change in the shop will be changed immediately!

I explain it step by step !

point 1.

Rim colour, main colour is self-explanatory! Although the main color changes the frame/chassis!
>br />disigncolor changes only the fenders rear and front!
>br />point 2.
cabin/wheelhouse color/exterior is already self-explanatory but the color you choose will only be applied after the purchase is completed!

point 3.

grille/roof/colour choice depends on what you choose under the Katecory design.
here is to note that in the design 2 times different grilles are used open / closed.
difference you will see because in the shop is shown immediately! After the choice of the color for the radiator grill follow the
Airbrushes !

point 3.1 RoofStandart Config because of ! Here also selection with color and airbrushes ! CAUTION ! There may be an overlap with
other components !

point 4. tire is self-explanatory

point 5.interior cabin color selection is self-explanatory ! Here also comes only after purchase to bear / visibility!

point 6. B.parts are parts with color selection and airbrushes different designs and selection possibilities

point 7. engine design corresponds from the original to completely impossible unreal! from 396HP to 1517HPs in steps of 100ter increments

point 8.mirrorLeftRight Optionally Normal or Chrome Only visible after purchase !

point9. Lamps Spotlight also optionally Normal or Chrome ! Only after buy visible !

point 10. horn different horn sounds You must test which one says more to you!

remark !! It can be by different Mods to a change of the spelling in the shop comes!!!!

> was observed until now that the main color at once left stands in the selection and cabin / wheelhouse color / outside is then instead of its AUbaufahrbe and
inside cabin is instead of its PlannenFarbe! So don't get confused !!!! Nevertheless everything goes without errors!

I will include this file in the mod packs as orientation if someone needs it! Plus pictures

I think the rest you will find out by yourself !


The Bale Pusher works only in connection with the mod BalleLoader which I rewrote ! Please be careful with the standard
bale loader from Giants that the function is switched to manual !
weights 825KG Up to 3300Kg with colour choice

the BALLWRIGDER from the company Kuhn SW 4014 wraps the bales in highest speed to silage bales Squerballen and Roundballen

The two BaleLoader are standard from Giants and only the colour choice can be changed here !
It is a Krone loader wagon with the designation Krone MX 350 GL Guma
It can load up to 60000 litres working width 2.40 metres
colour selection tyres change or stop with or without net ! Everyone as he likes it !

So wish you much joy with the FendPack !
MFG Thunder 01

you can distribute it but please with original link !



Modell: Fendt Vario1000
Textur: Meine /Giants
Idee / Konzept: Lust am umbauen
Tester: Maik Krüger / Michael Rausch


  • 13 Sep 08:44
    Version 1.0




13.09 2020
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 19
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  1. Checker123 14. September

    Ist wunderschön dein Mod aber eine Bitte hab ich der Trecker ist etwas sehr Laut kannst du das ändern

  2. bobbelsche 14. September

    Volle Punktezahl vielen lieben Dank, für diese wundervolle Arbeit. LG. Machen Sie weiter so.

  3. zlatko-misic 13. September


    vielen dank für das mega paket die mods sind toll dankeschön 5 von 5 sternen