Zunhammer Water u. Milktrailer

V 2.0.1 mod for Farming Simulator 15

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Water and milk trailer based on the Zunhammer 18.500 PE

This is the sequel of my guarantor Water Trailers, this time a disused slurry tanker to a water and Me trailer was rebuilt,
from hygienic reasons he got a new tank in blue, with a volume of 18500L
was used for the loading of milk and water dock hose added (info below)
furthermore he got TipAnimationen for the water troughs.
Behind a Trailer coupling and PTO connection was blocked for larger farms.
The excess tank contents can now be drained.

Was tested in the SP and DS,
need to use the function of the dock tube in the Parent Group of the trigger a TansformGroup named "OverloadPipe" be present. Example trigger


Rights interressiren no, I write it anyway for the info:
Yes, it is the conversion of a Giants model, the changes are by me and may not be uploaded again except on Dedicated Server. The scripts may be used in other mods.


orginal Modell Giants
Umbau und Scripte Marhu


  • 24 Dec 13:01
    Version 2.0.1


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checksum: fb46727e6ae64cf361f43616865e00e8
Version: 2.0.1
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: Marhu
price in shop: 19000 LS
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24.12 2014
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V 2.0.1
Farming Simulator 15
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  1. skenzer2000 12. 06 2015

    NOTICE: if you have Advanced Fill Auto Aim Target mod installed it will break this mod. These trailers and the AdvancedFillAutoAim mod do NOT get along together.
    Otherwise, this is a really nice trailer, thanks!

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