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  1. Sheathanaich 28. 12 2014

    Mod: Vaia MB160 Tridem
    I concur with what others are saying...It's a beautiful model and really well textured, but a little to large for average use. I'm okay having a beast rig with 2X 780 under the bonnet. But if you want more downloads, maybe optimize a little.
    5* mod Kudos to you..


  2. Sheathanaich 24. 12 2014

    Mod: Ritchie AutoBaleLoader
    Wow....I have been waiting for a mod like this for Eons.....

    Much respect and a big Kudos
    Wonderful mod.....5*

  3. Sheathanaich 18. 12 2014

    Mod: North Brabant
    I have always liked this map, the small improvements will be well received. I'm a single player so usually when I start this map I sell all the fields just keeping 4 mid sized for a start. This way I have to build my acreage and machinery.

    Very nice map.....5*


  4. Sheathanaich 17. 12 2014

    Mod: Quivogne HV 630
    Lovely cultivator on a more technical note, could I ask the knowledgeable people on this thread. This cultivator has very very small tines (Shallow depth) In the real world would this be considered a "Finisher" preparing the seedbed to a fine crumb??. If so It would be nice to come with a ground texture that is in between deep cultivating and the seed bed texture from sowers.. Adding another form of realism?

    Great mod....Works extremely well, the particle system is very good!!!

    5* Kudos

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  5. Sheathanaich 17. 12 2014

    Mod: Deutz 745RTS
    Beautiful mod pack, with a much needed inclusion of upper mid sized combines.
    Thank you

  6. Sheathanaich 16. 12 2014

    Mod: Volksholm
    Always continuing forwards, this is a great map!!!!



  7. Sheathanaich 13. 12 2014

    Mod: Westbridge Forest
    American Farmer get in the cab and drive it
    Joking apart, they are still glitchy scripts and cannot be relied on to work all of the time...Have fun farming!!!

  8. Sheathanaich 13. 12 2014

    Mod: Westbridge Forest
    Ah, my favourite American map is back. Nice additions for version 2. I'm more of a cut/swath/bale type of man, but I'll eventually get used to these new fanged futterlagers.
    Yard has great functionality, with separate working environs.
    I see you have kept the faith with mid-sized machinery and not loaded the map with everything but the kitchen sink. The one starting field albeit a biggish one gives the player something to aspire with the map...Kudos for that. I do sincerely hope you will continue to add to this gem of an American map.... Water mod/GMK mod/Straw mod(Although this is quite easy to install by the end user).

    Fantastic map, John666, Kudos and 5*


  9. Sheathanaich 13. 12 2014

    Mod: Two Rivers
    Okay I found the new mapbuyableobjects scripts by using google...

    Exceptional map....exceptional playability

    Great great map for single player..

    5* map and modder...


  10. Sheathanaich 11. 12 2014

    Mod: Papenburg North Bokel
    Hmm I have always enjoyed playing on your creations of the Papenburg area, including very much this new map Nord Bokel. But since the new update not so much any more. Your sense of form and yard functionality for me has gone awry. You always had a yard that flowed from storage/productivity/livestock/clamps. Now everything is totally mixed up. Clamps behind machine buildings (I do not see why this is even needed) Silly rotunda futterlager. Machine shop with two access almost blocked by narrow pathway and trees. And storage clamps sprouting all over the place. Like Papenburg this map has great field layout, even more so with offset boundaries, but the yard to me is "messy"..Please I did not write this to start a flame war, I have the greatest respect for the builder.....And this critique is my own and not off anyone else or modding scene.

    Respect and Kudos Still for a lovely map 5*


  11. Sheathanaich 09. 12 2014

    Mod: Two Rivers
    Beautiful, Awesome and very playable....
    The best of the best of FS13 has come to FS15...

    Thankyou for a truly astounding map.

    5* excellence


  12. Sheathanaich 29. 11 2014

    Mod: Fuel adjustment FuelAdjust
    Wonderful mod, anything that makes this game more realistic is a win for me...Have you thought about being able to move the hud elements in game (Like the compass mod)
    Kudos M8...5*

  13. Sheathanaich 26. 11 2014

    Mod: drive control
    Amazing mod, very functional and much needed for FS15. I do use all the functions especially the new Diff lock/AWD function. If I could ever wish for one more thing, it would be to be able to switch between the two drive modes with a key press. This way It would be easier to transition from gear lock to pedal without dialing down one side then dialing up the other. I hope I have explained that well enough??

    5* mod Kudos UpsideDown!!!

  14. Sheathanaich 22. 11 2014

    Mod: Göweil bale transport spear set
    Perfect !!! Now I can move round bales with confidence...

    My cows thank you...
    Since FS15 I have been baling the traditional way..swath>Bale>pick up to transport> deliver>Store/feed

    5* mod ....Thank you
    Lots of work involved this tidy little mod helps so much better than default

  15. Sheathanaich 21. 11 2014

    Mod: Alpental
    s.Pfennig,Very grateful for your considerate help :)

    Thank you

  16. Sheathanaich 21. 11 2014

    Mod: North Brabant
    I must be doing something really stupid but I cannot load Kalk with the Amazone Zam...Do I need to download anything else to get the GMK mod to work?? I know the map is GMK ready but I seem to not be able to use this function at all..Any help is appreciated


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  17. Sheathanaich 20. 11 2014

    Mod: Alpental
    Thank you for the reply :)
    But I do not see the link anywhere to direct me to the GMK mod??

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  18. Sheathanaich 20. 11 2014

    Mod: Alpental
    When will the GMK mod be released for FS15....

    Great map for SP..Kudos..


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  19. Sheathanaich 20. 11 2014

    Mod: Westbridge Forest
    Now then, the first really good map of Westbridge with logging..and it's a gem. But time to get radical. If I may suggest to make this a real two industry map where some could farm and others at the same time really get into logging, I would turn over field 3 to logging also extend this site southwards replacing the campsite and the outdoor cinema again with logs plus at least half of field 12. There would still be enough acreage to satisfy the farming side, but you have then added huge amount of logging as well, including what you have already done...Now that would be a premium multi purpose MP map and also great for single player. More technically I would also love to see the straw mod added for farming diversity. Well you did ask for input!!

    5* map easy....

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  20. Sheathanaich 03. 06 2014

    Mod: Beta Test Map
    Hi, Really nice beta map....It might be prudent to add in description what has been added mod-wise to map.

    Kudos for a really nice start to what will be a very enjoyable map..

  21. Sheathanaich 22. 05 2014

    Mod: OgM2013 Micromap
    Perfect map for single player, just converted to "MR". On hard mode you're going to struggle a little at first because of acreage/profit, but once all fields are owned you can make a living. On "normal" its about bloody perfect... :)

    Like the others this little gem cries out for the kalk and weed mods. Because of the smaller acreage overall weeds are much more controllable with no heavy build ups. Unless you do something stupid.

    Perfection for smallholders/classic farming...Massive kudos



  22. Sheathanaich 19. 05 2014

    Mod: Oberammergau Alps
    So I have played this now since inception. Currently on 2.11 converted to "MR"..I'm having a great time farming. Some of the steeper fields are quite challenging with "MR".
    The smaller fields at start make for a nice change, so I can get the Mini Iron out... :)

    If I have one critique and please this does not detract in any way from this map..The placement of the "Kalk shed" so close to the Sugar beet conveyor, it takes some real wriggling after a delivery of kalk to not then temporarily fill my trailer with beets!!!! as I'm pulling away..lolz I was kinda tempted to fix this myself....but my modding skills are zilch and as it's your map...I do not feel right in trying to fudge something quite a good as your map anyways...So if you are ever going to update..maybe bare this in mind.

    Great map though lots of fun..5* kudos

  23. Sheathanaich 18. 05 2014

    Mod: Demmler TSM 200 7L
    Very nice trailer with excellent details, but I have come across a little niggle. On a few tractors (Case anniversary 320 in my game) where the hitch is slightly lower than usual, the post at the front (The resting foot) when the trailer is hitched catches certain objects in the road..On the AIG extreme map I cannot get it across the level the level crossings...I'm wondering if you could still raise its position slightly more to give it more clearance? Apart from this its an excellent model

  24. Sheathanaich 15. 05 2014

    Mod: Agrifarm front crackers
    Looks like a nice mod, but are the tines on the middle bar facing the wrong way??

  25. Sheathanaich 08. 05 2014

    Mod: Papenburg Map
    Okay, I like the map very much, but excuse my English I cannot find any silo's for the Rye and Oats that are on the map. Do I have to use "Alternative tipping" for these two crops or just sell straight away??



  26. Sheathanaich 08. 05 2014

    Mod: XL Farms Hagenstedt
    Nice additions to the standard map, to bring it bang up to date.
    I would personally like to see maybe one or two more crops for a better experience. Unlike most of the makers maps which usually a massive this has a better emphasis on single play, respect for this indeed...But I must ask the question; why so many mixing stations in one place....surely one would have been enough...?
    I'm definitely going to convert to a "more realistic" state and see how it plays out...I lean more to baling silage and using mobile mixers..
    Still though a great edition, and a well made detailed 5* map

  27. Sheathanaich 02. 05 2014

    Mod: Heubel Castle
    Converted to more realistic, makes a really nice map to play on...Nice detailing and good field sizes.

    Again as a first try this is really nice, well done to the modder and keep up the good work!!

  28. Sheathanaich 01. 05 2014

    Mod: Brunzdorf
    Whoot another Moody map, still playing on your previous version which I converted to more realistic....I'll switch to this and start farming !!!

    Thanks again Hank for a gorgeous map....Simple, elegant and very well detailed... It does make a nice MR map!!

    So once again a 5* product...Kudos and thanks!!

  29. Sheathanaich 30. 04 2014

    Mod: VOLVO L50G
    Bloody h*ll I need this in more realistic...Awesome mod and with the front end attachable to most good tools....It's a future proof machine....

    Very well done 100% ideal!!

  30. Sheathanaich 29. 04 2014

    Mod: Plawanice
    Very nice map, PDA map is non functional so navigating is by memory. From what I could see there is no overlapping borders on fields which happens sometimes with smaller field layouts.
    So yeah as a first map you have done excellently. I would just produce a PDA map as an addendum to insert in map folder and this would be premium quality. Nice map....Nice layout..And has the much talked about weed mod included.


    Sheath... You have my vote 5/5* :)

  31. Sheathanaich 26. 04 2014

    Mod: Heubel Castle
    I'm sure it's not said enough, but we the users of maps/mods like these ALWAYS appreciate new mappers/modders adding to the scene. Your map looks exceedingly nice with great detail. Forget the people who have negative comments and continue on building your map and gaining experience for other projects.

    Well done and great work Kudos


  32. Sheathanaich 22. 04 2014

    Mod: Wild brook valley
    So I converted this to "MR" and it runs wonderfully, but beware the selling point for machinery will have you gnashing your teeth..It's extremely small and very little space to manoeuvre. You might rage quit a few
    It certainly took a lot of jiggling to get a Claas 540 hooked up to a traler with a C750 on it..:) Rule of thumb here "Think Small"..Kudos 5*

  33. Sheathanaich 22. 04 2014

    Mod: Franconia Map
    Seriously nice map, if your going to play with mostly default vehicles. Soon as you start to load in a few heavy poly machines (John Deere tractors/Lexion combines and such) then your down to single figure FPS. I tried running two of the newer JD combines from this thread, plus some nice tractors and trailers and quite frankly it became unplayable.

    So in all a wonderful map, with refined detail, I would reduce the draw ditance (LOD) and maybe reduce the amount of wind turbines as they have always been a frame dropper. Would love to see a low poly version, even so my rig is no slouch...2X 460ti and intel 7i clocked at 4 Ghrz with 12 gig of pc 1600 ram (Dominator)!!
    As the map stands though I'm still giving this a 5* for just being a superb map to travel round. This map and MIG really show a little bit of German agri to my English eyes...Kudos

  34. Sheathanaich 21. 04 2014

    Mod: Multi sprayer herbicide Mod
    If I'm correct in understanding this mod has to be applied in GE, as the weeds have to be painted onto the fields, or is it a "random field event" governed by the lua??


  35. Sheathanaich 19. 04 2014

    Mod: Mr. Hausen
    A most excellent MR map, I'm hoping in maybe a future version an expansion of the main yard for a large machine shed....My 750 TT does not like being left out in the rain....lolz

    Lovely map....kudos

  36. Sheathanaich 11. 04 2014

    Mod: Fuel consumption adjustment
    I have the same problem with machines drinking fuel....Just seeded a 2.68ha field and used 14 gallons of fuel which equates to about 0.3 mpg....I was using a JD 8410 and Amazone ADP super. So whilst the mod works and is a very cool addition to FS2013, I think the fuel usage needs to be looked at to make this mod really viable in "MR"

  37. Sheathanaich 06. 04 2014

    Mod: Brook Ridge Farm
    Hey Amarlich, it's me again...

    Your buy seed trigger got me thinking( I really do love the feature)..Could it be scripted so that you can choose which seed, with differing prices??...If it could, it would almost make the original giants seed trigger obsolete and not needed any-more. Most good trailer mods now include a seed plane and fill mechanism....Definitely a step towards realistic seed merchants mechanics.

    Just putting out there... I hope you find the idea interesting??. Anyway I'm having an absolute blast with your map....Big thank you again from me..

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