Animals HUD - animals number, levels, cleanliness

V Geo Location + Animal Pen Update chicken Water mod for Farming Simulator 19

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Animals Hud

shows all details on the screen.

Animals in the stables. Chickens, cows, pigs, horses, sheep



Cleanliness in%

Food in the filling troughs in liters + current filling volume +%

Water, straw, etc.

Productions: Eggs, milk, manure, liquid Manure, wool

Font size changeable and saves for the next time

The Hud is also storable.

In addition, from version the products of the animals. Liter, Kg

As of version, the key inputs must be set. so everyone can decide for themselves what they want to have displayed.

You can choose yourself what should be displayed. Station wagons are also possible.


Multiplayer tested! Who can please let me know if everything works or not. Thank you.

If everything is ok and sparking, do not forget thumbs up. :) PS: make a subscription for the future mods.


NEW for all info and status about the mods: Instagram: xDeekay_farming

PS: Is the 1st Script mod of me :-P Thanks to BIGBLUEHH for his tip and MOD!


Have fun with it!


Uploading and uploading to another platform is only allowed with my permission.


Script: Deekay
Idee / Konzept: Deekay
Tester: Deekay
Sonstige: 1st Script


  • 20 Jun 16:36
    Version Geo Location + Animal Pen Update chicken Water

    + added for the Animal Pen extension mod the chicken water fillLevel on the Hud.

    if you dont use the animal pen extension then is all the same as before.

    thats it ;)

  • 06 Jan 09:38
    Version Geo Location

    Was ist neu? (English below)
    + Geo Location hinzugefügt. Nähre dich einem Stall und es wird am Hud dein Name wo du dich befindest angezeigt. Somit weißt du sofort bei welchem Stall du bist und was dort enthalten ist.
    + Keyinputs hilfe wurde entfernt. (F1 Taste Animals Hud Keys)

    + Pferde wurden nur mit den Schweinen zusammen angezeigt. Behoben.
    + Abstand Seitlich Text erhöht. Überlappte sich.Behoben

    What's new?
    + Geo location added. Your name will be displayed left from the animal name. So you know immediately which stable you are and was contained there.
    + Keyinput's help has been removed. (F1 button Animals Hud Keys)

    Bug fix:
    + Horses are only displayed together with the pigs. Fixed.
    + Distance text increased. Overlapped. Fixed.

  • 03 Jan 22:46

    Was ist neu? (German)

    + Im Multiplayer werden jetzt nicht mehr alle Ställe von allen Farmen zu gleich angezeigt sondern für jeden Spieler werden nur seine Ställe am HUD angezeigt.
    + Die Tröge der Tiere können jetzt separat oder zusammen angezeigt werden. (KeyInput setzen!) zum umschalten
    + Taste für alles am HUD zeigen oder nicht zeigen wurde hinzugefügt. (KeyInput setzen!) zum umschalten

    What's new? (English)

    + In multiplayer not all stables of all farms will be displayed at the same time but for each player only his stables will be displayed on the HUD.
    + The troughs of the animals can now be displayed separately or together. (Set KeyInput!) To toggle
    + Show / Hide button for everything on the HUD has been added. (Set KeyInput!) To toggle

  • 30 Dec 21:21


    Was ist komplett neu?
    + Erzeugnisse der einzelnen Produkte hinzugefügt (Eier, Milch, Mist, Gülle, Wolle) (Liter "L" und "Kg")
    + Automatische Speicherung der Schriftgröße nach jeder Anpassung. (Wird nach neustart wieder so geladen wie zuletzt verwendet.)
    + Automatische Speicherung der Anzeige automatisch nach jeder Anpassung. (Wird nach neustart wieder so geladen wie zuletzt verwendet.)
    + Tastenkombinationen jetzt einstellbar. Jeder kann jetzt seine eigenen Keys nutzen. ACHTUNG! Keys zuerst im Menü setzen!
    + Weitere Übersetzungen wurden hinzugefügt
    + Multiplayer getestet

    + Anpassungen und Einblendungen jetzt nur zu Fuß möglich.
    + Codesicherheit erhöht.
    + Tastenkombinationen unterhalb jedes Blocks entfernt. z.B. "[KEY U]"

    Wichtig zu wissen:
    Bei den Hühner bzw. Eierkartons werden jeweils nur max. 150kg angezeigt.
    Bei den Schafen werden jeweils nur max. 1000kg / Palette angezeigt. Es können hier nur 4 Paletten platziert werden. Animals Hud zeigt die neue Wollpalette an.
    *** ENGLISH

    NEW YEAR SPECIAL V3.1.0.0 !!

    What is completely new?
    + Products of each product added (eggs, milk, manure, liquidmanure, wool) (liters "L" and "Kg")
    + Automatic saving of font size after each adjustment. (Recharged like last used after restart)
    + Automatic storage of the display automatically after each adjustment. (Recharged like last used after restart)
    + Keyboard shortcuts now adjustable. Everyone can now use their own keys. ATTENTION! Set Keys in the menu first!
    + More translations have been added
    + Multiplayer tested

    + Adjustments and fades now only possible on foot.
    + Code security increased.
    + Keyboard shortcuts removed below each block. e.g. "[KEY U]"

    Important to know:
    The chickens and egg cartons are each only max. 150kg displayed.
    The sheeps can only max. 1000kg / pallet displayed. Only 4 pallets can be placed here. Animals Hud displays the new wool pallet.

  • 26 Dec 20:14
    Version 3.0.0 Final multilingual+production+colors


    Was ist neu?
    + multilingual (Alle Sprachen werden nun Unterstützt)
    + Produktion hinzugefügt
    + Tiere werden jetzt in Farbe angezeigt.
    + "Voll" wurde entfernt

  • 25 Dec 23:17
    Version 2.0.0 Color Addon


    + Farben für die Füllstände + Sauberkeit wurden hinzugefügt.
    + Text bei der Sauberkeit wurde hinzugefügt.
    + Textausrichtung links Früchte rechts die Füllstände.
    + Codeverbesserungen
    +ACHTUNG! Tastenbelegung wurden geändert!

    Hühner = ALT + T
    Kühe = ALT + Z
    Schweine = ALT + U
    Pferde = ALT + I
    Schafe = ALT + O
    Schriftgröße kleiner stellen = ALT + 9
    Schriftgröße größer stellen = ALT + 0

    Hoffe das Update gefällt euch! Wenn ja, Daumen hoch nicht vergessen ;)

  • 25 Dec 08:56
    Version 1.0.0


    +Schriftgröße live ingame änderbar. STRG+ALT+8 = größer STRG+ALT+0 = kleiner
    +Code sicherheit.
    +Fruchtsorten seperat für jeden einzelnen Trog nun sichtbar. z.B. Weizen/Gerste wird jetzt Weizen Liter % und Gerste Liter % angezeigt. usw. überall dort wo mehr im Trog sein kann. ;)

    Hühner fehlte das "h"
    Scheine zeigte Raps und Soja nicht an
    Pferde Hafer und Heu war vertauscht.
    Infotext wurde entfernt.

  • 24 Dec 09:18
    Version BETA




checksum: 06b3df0d97f0c8406184518b676a3f54
Version: Geo Location + Animal Pen Update chicken Water
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: xDeekay
price in shop: LS
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description in shop:

24.12 2018
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4.8 / 122 Votes


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60 Comments for Animals HUD - animals number, levels, cleanliness

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  1. xDeekay 26. 12 2018

    thanks to all players for test and reports! without you guys the mod wouldnt be like that as it is! :)

    It would be great if you leave 5 stars if you like it :)

    br. xDeekay

  2. willbobber 01. 09 2019

    First I want to say what a great mod. 5 star.....
    I have been having a lot of trouble with an error in the log
    lua line 554
    animalsHud.lua: 554: bad argument # 1 to 'ceil' (number expected, got nil)

    After a lot of messing around I have found the route cause of the problem, the kuhn pig food mixer script. Once that mod had been removed plus I edited out the 2 cleanliness lines plus the info line for each animal type and it works a treat.

    I would think that if the pig food mixer script causes problems then maybe the placeable mixer by Kastor would do the same..


    2 replies

  3. anthu 20. 08 2019

    sry, here is the right link to the xml:

    2 replies

  4. anthu 20. 08 2019

    Hello Roby1164,
    cant answer your comment, no reaso why,
    first, i beginn an new savegame with seasons,
    here is the part from the items.xml with the pig pasture:
    [url=]Datei von laden[/url]
    there is no more potatoe or sugarbeet, and less food.

    in the animalshud.xml is all on
    <setting fontsize="0.010000" animalsChickenHudActive="true" animalsCowHudActive="true" animalsHorseHudActive="true" animalsPigHudActive="true" animalsSheepHudActive="true"/>
    but when i have the pigs active (true) then i have this errors in the log
    and i can only see the chickens and cows in the animalshud.
    when i turn pigs off (false, bzw keycommand strg-right + I)
    then i can see chicken, cow, horses and sheeps inthe animals-hud.
    post two screenshots later

  5. anthu 20. 08 2019

    Hello Roby1164
    thanks for your edited mod.
    tried this, but the error is still on.
    no pigs on the screen
    my log said, error is in line 554.
    here a part of the log:

    2019-08-20 08:04 ---Info DisplayOverviewHud --> Support for foreign AnimalsHud Mod is not ready (not found Mod)---
    2019-08-20 08:05 Error: Running LUA method 'draw'.
    2019-08-20 08:05 C:/Users/anthu/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/animalsHud_for_SeasonsMod/animalsHud.lua:554: bad argument #1 to 'ceil' (number expected, got nil)
    2019-08-20 08:05 Error: Running LUA method 'draw'.
    2019-08-20 08:05 C:/Users/anthu/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/animalsHud_for_SeasonsMod/animalsHud.lua:554: bad argument #1 to 'ceil' (number expected, got nil)
    2019-08-20 08:05 Error: Running LUA method 'draw'.

    can you have a look over this please?

    1 replies

  6. anthu 19. 08 2019

    Hello xDeekay
    i play LS19 with seasons and have many log errors, when buying pigs,
    2019-08-19 08:37 Error: Running LUA method 'draw'.
    2019-08-19 08:37 C:/Users/anthu/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/animalsHud/animalsHud.lua:561: bad argument #1 to 'ceil' (number expected, got nil)
    andi nthe animals-hud are only cows, chicken, horses and sheeps displayed,
    no pigs


  7. Roby1164 05. 01 2019

    And all right, apart from the problem horses, but it would be comfortable and I think more functional, if it were possible to make sure that, the hud, was displayed in this way, see photo, mdificato to give an idea:
    Now, if you increase the font, to be more readable. this happens, see photo:
    Or panes, would make it easier to identify the stable in question,

    1 replies

  8. Roby1164 04. 01 2019

    Problem, in multiplayer, the horses are seen in all the farms, while the other aninimals Ok, each one sees his stalls,
    Excellent for the compaction solution and for the ON / OFF key

  9. Roby1164 04. 01 2019

    When for the new version?

  10. Roby1164 02. 01 2019

    Tested in MP, it works, even if there is a problem, all display everything, that is, the list is huge because it displays all the stalls, and it is also difficult to understand who they are, and we were only 3, in addition, if not the folder is created in modssetting, in single player, the set keys do not work, logical if the game points to the local one, but that is not created in MP, which in fact creates it on the server. Solved porvvisoriamente, transferring my folder to my friends. We need those changes already requested, such as the button that opens and closes the whole menu, and find the solution so that each one only sees their own stalls.

    1 replies

  11. xDeekay 01. 01 2019

    Follow Me on Instagram: xDeekay_farming for more infos and coming mods

  12. Roby1164 01. 01 2019

    for the keys info (pic 1) i still checking for a solution. but you can press F1 to disable it.
    pic 2 with overlap the gauge, maybe i can fix it with a other solution.
    A key to show/hide all will also be added.)

    Ok, but with F1 I close everything, for the moment I solved, since the display is stored, removing the combination of keys, in this way disappear from the menu ....

    I do not understand why it does not make me replicate posts .....

  13. Roby1164 01. 01 2019

    Happy New Year....
    It works perfectly ..... but, I would like to know how to disable the entries from the help menu, too invasive ... only those of the Animalhud .. screen:
    Regarding the list view, the font continues to be too small, when all the animals are displayed, it is not possible to enlarge the font, because below it computes the kilometers count ... screen:
    The quickest solution, I think is to set a command, which activates or deactivates the list, without having to press all the keys separately, eg: left alt + F9 On / Off Hud, or other combination better ....

    1 replies

  14. Barackuse 31. 12 2018

    The click bait to get to this mod is overwhelming. Sites try to install all kinds of extensions to my web browser.

    1 replies

  15. xDeekay. Sorry to say the mod worked for one key press and then just stopped working.
    However after further testing it works 100% on a new game. It appears as though you cannot upgrade from 3.0.0 to in the middle of a game.

    (I tried to respond to my earlier comment but was unable to)

    1 replies

  16. Interesting... Could not get the new version to work for me. However saving the keyboard commands, then saving the game, exiting the game, and then loading back in again got it to work.
    xDeekay the ingame key assignment menu shows as 'A_HUD_CHICKEN' etc. Not sure if this is intentional or a possible 'bug'.
    New features are very nice. Thank you.

    2 replies

  17. AtlAntA118 30. 12 2018

    Not working with the cowfarm mod from kastor:

    1 replies

  18. xDeekay, Is there a way to disable the [key ] from appearing under each section of the mod please? Keys to open and close are easy enough to remember (for me at least) and i would love to be able to remove the text that i do not need.
    If this is not possible then that is fine. This is a great mod and thank you again for sharing this with us.

    1 replies

  19. aklein 27. 12 2018

    ALT + Z is not showing cows for me.The rest of the button combos work.

    1 replies

  20. Roby1164 26. 12 2018

    Perfect, multilingual works, now it is also much cleaner ....
    Unfortunately though, if you want to see all the stalls, the menu, and long, and you have to keep the small character ..... As said in another post, it would be nice to have the scoll, the various stalls, pressing a key, to be able keep a readable font size that does not cover half a screen and count kilometers.

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