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I do not like maps with rectangular fields. But driving a combine harvester plus the tractor with trailer is a bit tedious in SP mode.

So I came across the mod autopilot gotchTOM.

Now I did not want to change every harvesters myself and therefore I have written AutoCombine. And I have taken over parts of autopilot in my mod. The Mod is installed easily in the mod folder. It is automatically added in all combines and forage harvesters with normal helper. Thus the combine threshes
automatically in circles around the field.

The AutoCombine Hud is opened with the key K. The helper starts normally using the H key.

Warning: You must turn on the alternative helper only in Hud. The button is in the 2nd Row far left. Is there a quadrilateral, then only the normal helper is on.

Changes in version 2.1:

  • Forage harvesting with a trailer. I works only when you choose "AutoCombine mode [up/down]" together with the "turn mode [driving]". Attention, you will need a lot of space for turning!
  • Better support for Course Play. The corresponding button is in the 2nd row on the right.
  • You can jump to the next step when turning if the combine is stuck somewhere. The button is in the first row on the right
  • Limited steering angle so that combines with a very large cutter no longer start to commute.
  • Optimization for fields with "sharp" corners

Changes in version 2.0:

  • MultiPlayer
  • Potato and beet harvesters
  • You can switch between the circle drive and up and down
  • There are already present in the vehicle helper marks
  • If the HUD is displayed, the perspective does not change

The mod can be uploaded everywhere using the original download link and the name of the modders.
The re-upload to another file hoster is prohibited. A short note to me would be nice too.


Ur-Skript Autopilot: Zartask
LS09 Skript Autopilot: Mr. F
LS11 Skript Autopilot für Mähdrescher: gotchTOM
LS13 und Umbau Mogli aka biedens


  • 23 May 09:34
    Version 2.4

    - Bugfix 90° Wende
    - Kleine Anpassungen für moreRealistic 1.3 beta

  • 22 Apr 10:25
    Version 2.3

    - 90° Wende überarbeitet
    - fehlende Texte gefixt
    - MR: Geschwindigkeit abhängig von Verlust

  • 10 Apr 21:00
    Version 2.2

    - Anpassungen an CoursePlay
    - Unterstützung der MoreRealistic Beta
    - Hud aus AutoTraktor

  • 14 Dec 15:56
    Version 2.1

    - Unterstützung von CoursePlay
    - Überspringen einzelner Schritte im Wendemanöver, falls der Drescher sich irgendwo festgefahren hat
    - Begrenzung des Lenkwinkels bei sehr großen Schneidwerken, z.B. Claas Lexion 780 TT mit Vario 1350
    - Feintuning einige Parameter

  • 08 Dec 16:22
    Version 2.0

    - Während des Dreschens kann man zwischen Kreisfahrt und Hoch-/Runterfahrt umstellen
    - Wendemanöver ohne Rückwärtsfahrt
    - Multiplayer
    - Bessere Abstimmung mit dem eingebauten Helfer
    - Kartoffel- und Rübenroder

  • 30 Oct 20:11
    Version 1.0




checksum: 05d194ae5ac02c57393d624df0a1b87f
Version: 2.4
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: Mogli
price in shop: LS
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30.10 2013
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  1. Trenton192009 26. 05 2014

    Does the Auto Combine mod conflict with the GPS Mod?

    1 replies

  2. jobyrns72 13. 04 2014

    Error: LUA running function 'loadSharedI3DFileFinished'
    C:/Users/Bailey/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2013/mods/zzzAutoCombine/AutoCombine.lua(75) : attempt to call field 'setTitle' (a nil value)

    1 replies

  3. Jagguar 11. 04 2014

    Thanks for MR compatibility

  4. quintto 10. 04 2014

    yeah MR compitible!!!

  5. Jagguar 06. 04 2014

    If Autocombine will work with MR. It will be great.
    Its possible ?

  6. Buhler 01. 03 2014

    is there any plan to a new version that will work with MR

  7. cadillac 21. 02 2014

    Just as a suggestion for future versions, add an option for multiple combines, like the MF we had back in FS11.
    Could it be done? Or is there another way of having multiple combines working on their own simultaneously on a single field?
    By the way great work on this so far. I am using it right know to have 4 combines running in circles, but it is not optimal, the best would be to have them running parallel tracks.

  8. Jagguar 01. 02 2014

    Hi. Do you planning repair problem with last (or 1.2. xx) version of MoreRealistic ?

  9. seriousmods 14. 11 2013

    I'm running into a few issues with the mod.

    1. it doesn't seem to work with any of my larger combines like the JD 9770 STS.

    2. It seems to skip spots when it comes around for the second time. It typically will cut a full width section coming around the first pass, but on round two, it starts to snake.
    3. The key bindings seem to provide different responses than the buttons on the HUD. For example, when I press L, sometimes the combine performs differently than when I push the on button on the HUD.
    4. It makes the mouse perform strangely when the HUD is up. I cannot move the camera as I normally can via the mouse with the HUD up, but the camera still moves so if I’m looking at the header when I open the HUD, by the time I mouse over to use the HUD buttons, my camera position has changed.
    5. It doesn’t allow me to unload the combine fully when Autocombine is in use. If I drive a trailer under the offload pipe, the combine will unload about 1% of the tank into the trailer, and then begin moving forward, so I have to chase it down and try to match speeds, or block the combine with the tractor.
    But it’s a great idea, and I hope that V1.1 will fix all these small glitches.

    Best regards

  10. Petorious 02. 11 2013

    Well done on such a brilliant tool, it works very well and seems more reliable in 2013. I would like to see this in an updated version if at all possible,

    PLEASE READ, great idea

    In the next version please try to add a function that either allows it to be completely turned off so you can use the original AI (up and down)


    Both types of AI (around the edge and up and down working together) in harmony would be the ultimate cherry on the icing.


  11. KillRoy 30. 10 2013

    Great idea, i do have a problem when i sit in the harvester it works fine, but if i leave the harvester it continues without harvesting, any idea?

    1 replies

  12. coy 30. 10 2013

    Vraiment un super travaille .merci

  13. seriousmods 30. 10 2013

    So can you run this HUD while it is hidden, and without the arrows?

    1 replies

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