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New technologies of wood. Now you can process the wood chips in on industrial scale
Now this monster is eating even small branches (not chewing and swallowing and choking)

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  • 07 Feb 12:25
    Version 2.1

    Fixed bug
    when buying did not attach the trailer




checksum: 455a04f5641e57a7b77baa5c5a5a63f9
Version: 2.1
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: dimanix
price in shop: 96500 LS
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29.11 2014
Modhoster user rating
4.24 / 178 Votes


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V 2.1
Farming Simulator 15
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07. 02 2015 48,931

10 Comments for Crasher

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  1. Spartan117m15 23. 08 2016

    Hello dimanix,
    I downloaded the mod thinking it would be amazing, and so far it looks good and has the right function/idea.

    Though, could you convert the controls from frontloader controls to the correct crane controls. Why did you even use front loader controls for a crane in the first place, just wondering.
    If you wanted to keep the frontloader controls for you, at least include a second config file that has the crane controls. Right now it is crasher.xml. Maybe name one crasher_config.xml as the used one and then add in a file not used but can be renamed to be used crasher_crane_config.xml.

    If people want frontloader controls, they dont touch anything. If they want the crane controls, they name the crasher_config to crasher_frontloader_config and then rename the crasher_crane_config to crasher_config.xml that way they are interchangeable.

    I also noticed you do not have a camera on the crane, which would be very useful and very needed, I also noticed you do not have a central camera around the Crasher itself like the Jenz Hem wood chipper already has.

    So in short, crane controls need to be put in, the crane arm camera put in, and a central trailer camera itself put in.

  2. Malaras 07. 03 2015

    Hi, I'm have problems with this in mp the arm will only go to the left, and arm will not go up. Works fine in SP. All kinds of issue's for mp.

  3. cargofan 05. 02 2015

    Die Deichsel verschwindet beim Abhängen im Boden, steht schräg auf dem vorderen Zwillingspaar.

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  4. Ghost Thomas 07. 12 2014

    Nice mod, but please for MP!!!!

  5. Galwaygrass 01. 12 2014

    I Love this Machine but it really needs a camera for the crane.

  6. Mojodishu 30. 11 2014

    This mod is absolutely awesome. only thing i can ever "complain" about, is that the chipping of a full trailer should'nt be near instant. but heck i'll live with it. this thing WORKS!

  7. Farmer261 29. 11 2014

    Its BIG. Its ugly. The crane is very slow. The chipper is so fast... But who cares? Its the best of all and its working perfect! Thank you one more time my dear dimanix for solving our problems!

  8. ponyexpress 29. 11 2014

    Just what we needed ;) 5 of 5

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