Fliegl Transport Pack

V 1.5 mod for Farming Simulator 15

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This is the Fliegl Transport pack consisting of:

MAN 3 axle - 3 Seitenkipper
Scania 3 axle - 3 Seitenkipper
Iveco 3 axles - 3 Seitenkipper
Tandem Trailer - 3 Seitenkipper
Full trailers - 3-way tipper

This pack must not be unpacked! Simply grab downloaded ZIP into the modfolder and have fun.
What can the mod?

Tire tracks
Color selectable at purchase
You can choose between road and agricultural tires select - key [M]
Plane close to and open - key [N]
If you load manure (manure), then steam is Ps

This mod adds a new Mod Category Names 'transport vehicles' added. In this there are 3 trucks and 2 trailers.
Even a global script is installed in this mod that increases the engine speed when tilting and automatically the 'drivable' in all vehicles or 'AttachableObjects' are incorporating. The exhaust gases are thereby dyed black. That you can now adjust in 2 ways. Either globally via the modDesc this pack, or local in Fzg.xml.
Entry looks like this:
<increaseRPMWhileTipping MaxRPM = "2000" exhaustColor = "0 0 0 6" />
Once this entry is included in the Fzg.xml, the entry is no longer valid in the modDesc for the associated vehicle. 'MaxRPM' determines how high the speed is when tipping. 'exhaustColor' determines the color of the exhaust gases. If the black should not be so strong visible simply the '6' decrease.
This is also compatible with the GearboxAddon of Mowgli (biedens)! Is now the Gearbox Addon active, this is deactivated when tipping. For this purpose, the motor is briefly stopped and restarted. Does that GearboxAddon, not me .. Is my RPM script again in idle, then the Gearbox addon is reactivated. For this purpose, the motor is briefly stopped and restarted again. Thus, the engine restarts automatically, you have to use the engine start from the DriveControl.
If you tilt off, and you have deactivated the Gearbox addon manually, then this is not automatically activated course after tipping.
What can be loaded?
Wheat, canola, corn, barley, chopped, potatoes, sugar beet, silage, wood chips, manure, grass and straw. For Multifruit I recommend the Multifruit Mod by upsidedown. Link: LS 15: Multifruit v 3.0 scripts for Mod Farming Simulator 15
Loading volume is depending trucks and trailers 35,000 liters. The whole is certainly not 100% real, but for me it is enough. Much more I do not agree, except: Have fun with the mod!


MAN: GIANTS, Farmer_Andy und Ifko[nator]
SCANIA: ETS2, corad60 und Ifko[nator]
IVECO: ETS2, Chefkoch und Ifko[nator]
Beide Anhänger: GIANTS und Ifko[nator]

Scripte in Verwendung von:

Marhu, Chefkoch und Ifko[nator]


  • 01 Nov 12:45
    Version 1.5




checksum: e8d5a155bf7cb040eec8a1ac7116aa9d
Version: 1.5
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: Mod: Farmer_Andy, Ifko[nator] Scripts: Marhu, Ifko[nator]
price in shop: 298000 LS
name in shop:
description in shop:

31.10 2015
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V 1.5
Farming Simulator 15
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01. 11 2015 31,485

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  1. Alucaard 10. 12 2015

    it is nice mod but does not do good with courseplay it has some issues i wish if it fixed especially trucks

  2. macenkodenis 05. 11 2015

    Please, make longer 3-axel trailer with front rotatng one-axel table (like a HKD 302, but with two rear axel). Maybe with two side doors (also like HKD). If you want, i can remake models.

    1 replies

  3. Uncle_Orion 01. 11 2015

    Very nice truck, just cant fill it up from my farm silo. Maybe the load trigger is wrong?

    1 replies

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