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GARANT VTR 25,000 light aluminum v 1.5

This is a guarantee Kotte 25m³ Triedem Aluminum barrel.


The summary is based on the originals tandem barrel, Hackstedt has rebuilt it.


Although it is made of aluminum, but you need to watch at full barrel, pushes the weight

you around the tractor. Therefore is not for the mini straightener.


Price: € 120,000.00

Daily reasonable expenses: 95,00 €

Frame and tank made entirely of aluminum - weight savings over steel construction in about 2.5 to 3 t
Container inside and outside KTL coated, color upon customer request
hydraulic drawbar suspension system with ball Rockinger for up to 4 t support load
Forced steering in conjunction with BPW forced steering axle GSL
Air suspension in connection with original BPW axles, to 60 km / h
Front axle by venting the air bellows of the first axis
Tire pressure control system (optional)
Top-cylinder for weight transfer to the tractor (optional)




The mod can be hosted on any other website !!!!!!!!


Please, never use the original link


Thanks to Hackstedt for release


Have fun with the manure spreader


Modder: Hackstedt
LS15: s4t4n
Reifen: MAurUS


  • 16 Feb 09:34
    Version 1.53

    - Gülle Partikel hinzugefügt
    - Leistungsbedarf angepasst
    - Nicht mehr ausgeklappt beim "Kauf"
    - diverse kleine Fehler behoben

  • 10 Jan 19:31
    Version 1.52

    Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit auf 14 km/h gefixed.
    Gewicht "etwas" reduziert.
    Aktivieren nur möglich wenn aufgeklappt.


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    ago about 5 years
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    ago about 5 years



checksum: 0205c9473785a7a171fdd6d7c1bc3624
Version: 1.53
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: Hackstedt, s4t4n
price in shop: 120000 LS
name in shop: GARANT VTR 25.000 Aluminium light ls15
description in shop: Rahmen und Behälter komplett aus Aluminium - Gewichtsersparnis gegenüber Bauweise in Stahl ca. 2,5 bis 3 t
Behälter innen und außen KTL-beschichtet, Farbton auf Wunsch des Kunden
hydraulische Deichselfederung mit Kugelkopf System Rockinger für bis zu 4 t Stützlast
Zwangslenkung in Verbindung mit BPW-Zwangslenkachse GSL
Luftfederung in Verbindung mit Original BPW-Achsen, bis 60 km/h
Vorderachsentlastung durch Entlüftung der Luftbälge der ersten Achse
Reifendruckregelanlage (optional)
Top-Zylinder zur Gewichtsverlagerung auf die Zugmaschine (optional)
Unterhaltskosten: 95€

28.12 2014
Modhoster user rating
3.04 / 26 Votes


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V 1.53
Farming Simulator 15
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16. 02 2015 11,235
V 1.52
Farming Simulator 15
4.63 MB 4239
10. 01 2015 4,239

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  1. komrob 28. 12 2014

    Mod is very nice.The problem is the weight of the trailer.
    After filling and connected with the tractor is unmanaged.
    When emptying speed is 6 km / h -volume barrel just to 200m field. 3 stars after repair 5 stars.

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