Silo hall with Hay Crane

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It took a long time and now it is finished,
the silo hall with hay crane.

This hall has at the top of a wheeled hay crane company Stepa.
At the hall still has 6 silos, which can be filled with grass,
To make then ferment the Grass silage.
Also still a depository for straw or hay.
The hay, straw or grass can be dumped in the upper area and are then loaded with the Heukran in the silo or the depository.
And are at the bottom of the hall a few parking spaces for vehicles.
For the hall no other mods are needed.
All you need is some knowledge in the area Giants Editor and XML for installation in the Map,
Since this hall must be installed and NOT be placed.
But I do not want so much writing, so you looked at the porch of the best times in the game.
Or you watched the videos to the hall.

Model & Texture: PaPa, Alex2009
Script, Sound & GUI: Alex2009
Thanks go to oliver69 for testing.
And to all who have supported me in this project.

IMPORTANT: Please note that there will be no support via the comment box!
Only under my email:

Download Infos:
Der Hauptlink ist nur die Halle mit Heukran.
Der Alternativlink ist die Standardmap, worauf der Kran verbaut ist.

In this sense, a lot of fun with the hall.


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Modell & Textur: PaPa, Alex2009
Script, Sound & GUI: Alex2009
Ein Dank geht an Oliver69 fürs testen.
Und an alle die mich bei diesem Projekt unterstützt haben.


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11.08 2016
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 15
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2 Comments for Silo hall with Hay Crane

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  1. telhos 12. 08 2016

    Why is people complaining about a Placeable mod? alex2009 share the mod with us! Do your part by learning how to install it with the GE.
    This guy have enough work making those very nice mod do not ask him for more!!!!

    Sorry this was my opinion..

    thanks alex2009 for taking the time to make us have a better game :)

  2. telhos 12. 08 2016

    Hi Mr Alex !! Very nice building you share with us, thanks you very much!!!

    I try installed it on my WIP map. I can open door, see fill level and press "E" to get in crane but i can move ...
    1 thing strange is i do not see the KRAN.lua loading in the log file.
    I am almost sure i installed it correctly, but i have a little trouble understand the PDF help file because i am french canadian :D
    thanks again hope you can help me have it worked :)

    1 replies