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V 1.0 mod for Farming Simulator 17

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John Deere 9R


This is V1 of the mod, as I don't have much time for the next ~2 months, I'm doing all the final changes for V2 of the mod.

That includes manual dirt, flexible hoses, more scripts, new model parts, reworked model, new textures and a lot more.

It's both the 9R and 9RX, so when you choose the RX tanks in the store, be sure to select RX engine and either Crawler or Row Trac as well.


The large size is due to the high poly model, and lots of textures, but that will also change in V2.


Model: Ilijujjkin/TechMod a.s/Ghost/KMN Modding
Texture: KMN Modding/Ghost/Techmod a.s
Script: KMN Modding/Ghost
Idea / Concept: KMN Modding
Other: BK Modding


  • 20 Aug 14:33
    Version 1.0




20.08 2017
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 17
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14 Comments for John Deere 9R

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  1. i fixed all the issus and foults

  2. jackmate 23. 09 2017

    Dedi-Server fail messages

    DDS texture file 'Textures/' is too big. Size 16.00 MB (max. 12.00 MB)
    DDS texture file 'Textures/' is too big. Size 21.33 MB (max. 12.00 MB)
    DDS texture file 'Textures/' is too big. Size 21.33 MB (max. 12.00 MB)
    Unknown file type 'Textures/MB100.rar'
    Unknown file type 'Textures/Thumbs.db'
    Space character not recommended in filename: 'Wheels/wheel_back (2).dds'
    PNG texture files not recommended. 5 found (max. 0)
    File count per store item too high. 151 found (max. 128)

  3. BobbyJD 13. 09 2017

    the rear lights on the 9620RX don't work. Other than that very nice mod, my favorite so far.

  4. jackmate 30. 08 2017

    This is a beautiful mod! I drove a RX9620 with crawler in real life, and its a beast!

    are there illuminated knobs at the interieur in the final version? in other john deere´s the knobs are permanently shiny white. that looks cool at night!

    - the rx620 speeds up too fast. can you change the first torque values a little lower? thank you for your work! hope we see more stuff from you!

  5. Hackbart 29. 08 2017

    thanks for your work...

  6. martyc 25. 08 2017

    For better realism : the 9520r to 9560r are triple wheels only in 480 or dual wheels in 710. The 9470r and below can have dual wheels in 480 . The 9620Rx can't have the rear 3 point hitch with the 36 in tracks. Only the 30 in tracks should be choose as we can't remove the rear 3 points hitch. (source : John Deere official config online JD9R)
    It could be cool to have a future release with an option for having or not the rear 3 point hitch in order to better use all the configurations available of that so great mod.

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  7. ciggy001 23. 08 2017

    Is it possible to get the drive control working with the tracks? Front tracks spin under heavy pulling...

  8. ciggy001 23. 08 2017

    Awesome mod thankyou for sharing! Can't wait to see what you change in V2 already looks perfect to me!

  9. can you make single broad wheels in V2 und die threepoint works not really good...the highest point is not on machines...looks like the machines hanging in the air...and the mod must be smaller please...but the way in V1 is on a good way...and the mod must be smaller please

    1 replies

  10. superhej 20. 08 2017

    there is sont thing rong with the top menu isnt sure what it is but its blinking like h*ll...

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