Classic motorcycle Triumph Bonneville T120 black

V mod for Farming Simulator 22

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 Want a therapeutic ride down the streets of FS22? Or receive a soothing massage for the soul with the first stroke of combustion?Lower compression, tamer control times, more flywheel mass result in around 78 hp galloping at the crankshaft, with up to 101 Newton meters available even at low engine speeds. So, get on the bike and let the feelings TRIUMPH.

 The modder and scripter, Silak_68, has breathed virtual life into this model for FS22 and wishes you a lot of fun.




With a helmet or without. (A short haircut is recommended with a helmet).

But it can also be driven with the game's internal helmets.

 1st sight, interior view, sitting:

Animation of dashboard lighting, analogue tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, indicator for turn signals, hazard lights, high beam, time display (ingame time), gear shift display, indicator lights of all displays light up when the engine is started, mirrors left and right, steering movement, lateral tilting of the motorcycle in curves, the driver's gaze remains horizontal, bumps in the roadway simulated, ... .

 2st sight, interior view, lying down:

A second interior view offers the driver a driving experience as if he had lain down on the motorcycle tank. .

 3rd sight, exterior view:

Animation of pinion, chain, sprocket, wheels, spokes, tire lettering, front and rear suspension, steering, turn signals, hazard lights, low beam, high beam, brake light, horseshoe-shaped taillight, license plate and license plate light, heat and exhaust outlet from the exhaust muffler. Inclination of the motorcycle in curves, change of position of the driver in curves, standing leg when standing still. Side stand. No pollution. .


- Speed: 209 km/h

- HP: 80 HP

- Maximum speed: 7000 rpm

- Tank capacity: 14 liters

- Weight: 244 kg

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------


3D model author: letienthanh1990

Mod author: Silak_68

Tester: Silak_68, Maulwurf63

Description: Maulwurf63


Conclusion of the tester:

Appearance: like real. Driving experience: excellent.

Driving stability: safe and brisk. Fun factor: royal.


Modell: letienthanh1990
Textur: letienthanh1990, Silak_68
Script: Ifko[nator]
Idee / Konzept: Silak_68
Tester: Silak_68, Maulwurf63
Sonstige: Sounds: Silak_68


  • 18 Jun 11:06




18.06 2022
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  1. Papaherz 19. June

    Zur Fehlerbehebebung einmal auf ForbiddenMods gehen und dort das Mottorad suchen, in den Kommentaren steht die Lösung des Blinkerproblems

  2. Papaherz 19. June

    Hallo Silak, tolles Bike wird jetzt häufiger auf meiner KArte an zu treffen sein. Danke LG

  3. Hallo alle. Wieder ein tolles Motorrad. Nicht so schnell wie ein Sportbike und schneller als Jawa 250. Handling ist gut. Der Klang ist gut. Das Aussehen ist schäbig. Habe einen Fehler bemerkt. Wenn Sie die Linkskurve einschalten, funktioniert die hintere Kurve nach links und die vordere Kurve nach rechts. Umgekehrt. Bitte um Korrektur. Frage an die Autoren. Ist es möglich, dieses Fahrrad mit neuen Texturen zu machen? Danke für deine Arbeit. Die höchste Punktzahl und Empfehlungen für Motorradbegeisterte.