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Hello everyone! , today finally i realise the first version of MacDon draper heads for FS17. After a long time of work we are ready for you to enjoy this new product.

The MacDon FD75 FlexDraper® is our latest innovation in FlexDraper technology. Even at maximum flex our fixed reel to cutter bar relationship stays true, maintaining a consistently small critical gap between the reel fingers and cutter bar.


-Three versions: 35ft (10.5m) - 40ft (12m) - 45ft (13.7m)

-Built in cutter trailer.

-Standard Crops.


-Color selection.

-Travel Lights.

Keep original link.

May be uploaded to other sites as long as the original link is used and credits are provided.

Edits should not be released.


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Hope enjoy! Julian11


Model: Julian11
Texture: Julian11
Script: Julian11/ Giants
Idea / Concept: Julian11
Testing: Rafazr - JavierZzS - Killercrock88


  • 23 Jan 21:28
    Version 1




23.01 2017
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V 1
Farming Simulator 17
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  1. Been using this a few days now, would like to add thoughts for the v2.

    1) maybe lower the wheels a bit so when the header is lowered the wheels touch the ground to stabilize the wide header.

    2) maybe add sideblades for harvesting canola, (saw the video of it in irl, looked awesome.

    3) maybe small orange or red sidemarkers on each side to detect the width of the header better in the dark.

    when i used tit with the new hollad cr1090 the header bounced up-down weirdly when harvesting. im not sure if it's because i have ground response enabled or it's because the header itself.

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. ciggy001 29. 01 2017

    great cutter thanks! i would love to see the guide wheels setting the minimum cutting height but perhaps in V2.

  3. Paulhomer 24. 01 2017

    good work ! i love you

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