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If you are farming simulator purist then this map is not for you, because this map has many tasks to do instead of cultivating, harvesting, feeding animals etc.


This map is a modification of Goldcrest Valley.

What is new in this map:

This map has a open sky mine where you can extract stone, limestone, soil, coal and water.

You use the stone crusher for the production of gravel, sand and stonepowder. You use a limestone crusher for the production of cement. Use tout-venant facilities for production of tout-venant and use asphalt facilities for the production of asphalt.

With the soil you can extract gold at goldmaster, the gold appears in a box and you can sell at the bank next to the store machine.

With the gravel, sand, cement, and riversand2 (you need extract riversand) you can produce concrete at the concrete factory, and sell the concrete in the village construction area, also you can sell sand, gravel, tailings and boardwoods.

In the sawmill exist a new facilitie for production boardwood.

All animal facilities (cows, sheeps, chickens and pigs) are in main farm.

Exist a harbor here you can sell all products of the map. You can use the veihicles or you can use the new train system.


On v1.0 you can use a boat to transport Coal and Limestone from the main Mine to iron mine. You can donwload the the ferry here <- click


I release the ferry on modhoster but I don´t know why the admins don´t release the ferry.


Special thanks: 

kevink98 (mCompanyFactory Script author and admin LS-modcompany fórum).

RC-Devil (AditionalMapTypes script author and admin mods-community fórum).

Beans1709 (for let me try the map on your dediserver). 


This time I don´t release a modpack for this version of the map like I do for fs15 version. Some modders don´t like other modders change their mods, so you have wait until the modders release mods for mining (excavators, dumpers, trucks etc). The vehicles in game are compatible with the map, you can play and use all features with the default vehicles except TAR, for this you need use Kotte Universal Pack LS17.


Other mods I recommend:

 Kotte Universal Pack LS17

 Drive Control


Version 0.8 Platinum

  • Wood cranes fix 
  • gold nugget at the train bridge fix 
  • new excavation point at the village
  • all heaps full on start


This new version have the name Platinum, but you can play this version without Platinum version by Giants. 


In this months emerge some maps with my ideas (this is not a problem for me, this is a sign people like my ideas), all modders have my authorization to use my ideas into your maps. If you like my ideas and want create a map for mining, please contact me, together we can create a better map. With my ideas and yours skills, certainly we can create something. 


Model: Giants
Texture: Giants
Script: Giants / marhu / Blacksheep
Idea / Concept: Nonnus
Testing: Nonnus
Other: Giants



Alex / fin050808





team modding portugal LsPrO / hectic





And me: Nonnus


  • 16 Feb 23:03
    Version 1.0

    Add new transportation system to carry Limestone and coal by boat from main mine to the iron mine.

  • 13 Jan 07:02
    Version 0.9 Platinum

    - New storage silo at the iron mine (sand, gravel, tailings and iron).
    - New loading point for trucks/trailers on storage silo at the principal mine.
    - Silo capacity for cement increase to 350000 liters
    - New sighs on the ground to indicate where you can sell iron and goods from winehouse.
    - The materials heaps, view distance increase to 1000 meters.

  • 05 Jan 22:50
    Version 0.8 Platinum

    - Wood cranes fix
    - gold nugget at the train bridge fix
    - new excavation point at the village
    - all heaps full on start

  • 29 Dec 15:42
    Version 0.7 Platinum

    - seasons mod ready
    - Platinum ready (have sugarcane)
    - change the 3ª railroad (now is more real, the climb to the mine is more soft).
    - Add a new Mine to extract Iron, and a new facility to produce Steel, and can sell the Steel at the harbor.

  • 25 Nov 15:01
    Version 0.6

    - Compatible with giants update
    - Compatible with mutiplayer and dediserver (the problem only the host see the displays is fixed, and the invited gamers can fillup the train.
    - Change to mCompanyScript.
    - The filltype heaps now is dynamics, more real.
    - New sawmill base on mCompanyscript.


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28.01 2017
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126 Comments for Mining & Construction Economy

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  1. Nonnus 01. February

    For people have the products piles (limestone, coal, soil, riversand and stone) mess up (outside the proper place) is because have a mod conflict. The mining map don´t need external mods to work.

    Remove mods or maps from your mod folder with scripts that have the function of adding more filltypes or fruittypes.

  2. Nonnus 29. 01 2017

    Hi, thanks all for comments. I know is better play with the appropriate mods for this type of map but the mods are not mine so I can´t release the mods without permission.

    I will try speak with some modders and if they give me permission to release some mods.

    But remember this is a question of time to appears new mods for this type of map. The map is out and need much more work to stay better and soon or later the mods appears.

    For users have problems to load tar, water and diesel please use this mod:

    1 replies

  3. need help!!!!
    how do i transport cement from plant
    tryed a cement truck does not work
    tryed universal pack does not work
    is there a special trailer for transport???

  4. Do the Mining_Platinum Maps work in Non-Platinum Farming Simulator

  5. rodzerson 02. March

    Mam problem nie dziala mi mod season v 1.3 z t? map?

  6. kokkie20 26. February

    Is there somewhere a list or something with mods that should not be used with this map?
    Some of my mods are crashing the game while trying to load this map, and works perfect on other maps.
    Any suggestion for it cause i realy want to play the map but every time my game crashes....

  7. olivo0007 26. February

    Could you fix the error that does not allow planting trees please?

    1 replies

  8. Mario1267 20. February

    where can i get the terra l for the vineyard?

  9. JDM12983 20. February

    The link to the ferry download within the description doesn't work.

  10. Kira1989PL 18. February

    Where I can sell iron?

    1 replies

  11. Mario1267 17. February

    Kann mir jemand helfen diesen Fehler zu beseitigen.
    Error: Terrain distance texture 'C:/Users/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/mining_platinum/maps/textures/terrain/ground/ground_diffuse.png' must have the same properties as the other textures
    Error: Terrain distance texture 'C:/Users/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/mining_platinum/maps/textures/terrain/ground/ground_normal.png' must have the same properties as the other textures

    2 replies

  12. Eken044 06. February


    Is anyone having trouble with steel production? I am able to put iron ore in but nothing else eg coal/limestone. I have tried multiple machines and different ways to try and tip.

    I have also removed all mods/started new game and reset a lot lol.

    Thanks :)

    1 replies

  13. fabriciosscorza 06. February

    I want to put my mod on your map. need help

    1 replies

  14. Intu 14. January

    Danke, thank you for 09

  15. CAT325e 12. January

    Can you tell me if there is the Cat wheel loader where to download Thank you

    2 replies

  16. Intu 10. January

    Hilfe Bitte, wo befülle ich für des neue Bergwerk: Coal/Kohle und Limstone für Steel/Stahl ? Ich habe Platinum ADD ON installiert ? Ich bekomme das nicht zum laufen, Danke vielmals.

    Help Please, where do I fill for the new mine: Coal / Kohle and Limstone for Steel / Eisen ? I have installed Platinum ADD ON? I can not get it to work, thank you very much.

    2 replies

  17. Siegerflieger 07. January

    The comment from me yesterday was indeed removed, but I still get an answer to the pictures I uploaded, why it looks like it can not be normal that all triggers are hidden.

    1 replies

  18. Medivien 02. January

    Hmmm Tar/Bitumen doesnt work for me in any way, even with 2 different kotte-packs :(

    1 replies

  19. FarmerRody 30. 12 2017

    Congratulations!!! For the best map of the mining exploration on the FS17! I love this map since from the V 0.3, is a good and functional map, but modellers should launch more mining mods to use on these maps!

  20. Beans1709 25. 11 2017

    As I have been testing this with Nonnus, i can confirm that this will work on your dedicated server if you wanted to have it for multiplayer.

    If you are looking for a server to join hit me up :)

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