Compound feed system (with level indicator)

V 3.1b mod for Farming Simulator 17

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Compound feed system V3.1b (with level indicator) for the LS17

This system is used to produce concentrated feed for cows.

This version has also been increased capacitively to 2500000e.

Fit per silo:

500,000 silage

500,000 straw

500,000 grass

Output: 2500000 compound feed (concentrated feed)

Mixing ratio:

silage 50% (100 <50)

Straw 25% (100 <25)

Grass 25% (100 <25)

It is also possible to use the system as a buffer.

Compared to straw and grass, more silage is required.

The price is € 250,000

The external dimensions are 22.5m by 27.5m.

You can find this mod under the category "Placeable objects"!

It is advisable to approach the tipping area backwards and at the same time the

Press tilt button.

Harrybo wishes you a lot of fun


Modell: Harrybo Modding
Textur: Harrybo Modding
Script: Marhu
Idee / Konzept: Harrybo Modding
Tester: Harrybo Modding


  • 15 Aug 09:13
    Version 3.1b

    -Kolisionen wurden geändert
    -Fehler in der Digi-Anzeige wurde behoben
    -Anzeige (Rot) wurde korrigiert

  • 09 Oct 14:54
    Version 3.1



09.10 2021
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V 3.1b
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Farming Simulator 17
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