Frisian march

V 2.3 ohne Gräben mod for Farming Simulator 15

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Hello dear fans LS,

I wish you all a happy Easter weekend and have fun with the new map version. Now with bread, baked goods, flour mills and rape.

The map can be set using my download links on other pages.


What's new example



  • from 2.1 V flour mills for wheat, barley and maize
  • from V 2.1 mill rape for biodiesel
  • from 2.1 V Factory for pastry and bread
  • from V 2.1 No more pixels fault trees
  • from 2.1 V bread, baked goods and flour sale at the supermarket


  • from V 2 there to beet the Zuckerfarbik sale and sale of wood, wood chips, the Zellstofffabrikk


  • 1.9 from 2 large silos instead of 4 little in the second BGA
  • Other food storage in the hope of better performance at court
  • 1.8 New from grain trading port - Here we may continually delivered grain which you buy cheap and sell Profitable again at the point of sale
  • 1.8 from concrete (with sand, gravel and cement) concrete can be sold in the village, sand, gravel and cement can be sold at the freight depot
  • from 1.8 cowshed is better now passable
  • from 1.8 Again, more decorative items (eg guardrails, bushes)
  • found and fixed from 1.8 re-floating objects
  • from 1.8 Güterbahnhof no longer produces exaggerated many revenue
  • 1.7 from freight station with trains starting from grain and timber (like on the original map)
  • 1.7 from slurry and manure sale is possible again in the nursery
  • installed at the 1.7 Wishing Well for the gold coins reward at the Town Hall in the village
  • easily changed from 1.7 Hofumbauten, New large barn, another bunker silo, food storage
  • from 1.7 remedy the error log. (Windmill error can simply be yourself heboben see google)
  • from 1.7 Any grass fields can now be mäen and no grass on farmland fields
  • 1.6 or field sizes and prices due now. ha prices depend on the Endfernung the courtyard
  • corrected from 1.6 graphical errors in the trees
  • 1.6 from re-found and fixed some floating objects
  • Cattle and pig breeding
  • Second biogas plant
  • Milk may (but need not be themselves sold)
  • Forests have new texture and are significantly reforested
  • 100 hidden gold coins
  • Wassermod
  • Gas Station
  • Butcher for cattle and pigs sale
  • More carports on the farm, biogas plant and sawmill
  • Some forests
  • Dikes, ditches, windmills, Flachlandmap
  • Raiffeisen At The Grist Mill
  • Large network of roads with signs and customized transport
  • Many new grass fields that need not be purchased separately
  • Larger Home Fleet
  • Adjusted visibility, slowed fruit growth
  • Adjusted pedestrian
  • Disappeared drive-in theater and moved for campsite
  • Decoration: dustbins, power lines, more houses, PV systems
  • Installed feed stores
  • Edeka eggs for sale
  • Changed Unloading
  • Adapted PDA Map
  • New Photos
  • Milk factory is now Hansano
  • Kuhwiese the Court
  • Larger Schafwiese
  • Something in-house advertising :)


I wish you have a lot of fun noodling.


With best regards



Danke an die Modder des Futterlagers, Rinder und Schweinmod, Betonwerk, Kuhstall, Straßen und Schildermodpacks. Nordzucker und Zellstofffabrik, Oil Wirschaft, Hühnermast, Bäckerei


  • 01 May 12:53
    Version 2.3 ohne Gräben

    Dies ist die neue Version ohne Gräben also wieder Helfer und CoursePlay freundlich.
    viel spaß beim daddeln

  • 26 Apr 20:07
    Version 2.3 Fix

    Ein kleine Fix Version
    - keine lua Fehler mehr
    - Peise der Ölwirscthaft etwas angepasst




19.11 2014
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V 2.3 Fix
Farming Simulator 15
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V 2.3 ohne Gräben
Farming Simulator 15
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  1. snemand 22. 03 2016

    Hi dani1803 will you help me and find the mods I need and be able to play your course it is fun enough and play without the mods but would like to see me and be able to use all the items in the map...... Nordfriesische Marsch v2.0 and Frisian march v2.3

  2. great map but i want to now how to modify the terrain from hard wet to normal? it is to dark for me

  3. Warondar69 28. 04 2015

    I really don't know what I could be doing wrong with the sand and gravel loading. I'm using the MAC TraconsPJ v4 as mentioned, using UPK v0.9.8, the most recent Multifruit and Multifruit Standard modules, and yet the excavators do their loading animation but I can't get the trailer to fill up at all. Tried both the sand and gravel pits.
    I've only put in a few mods that I use all the time which shouldn't interfere with this process. Any ideas to help me out? Obviously some people got it working right?

    1 replies

  4. hawk67 19. 04 2015

    map will not show in shop does it need patch 1.2

    1 replies

  5. anpaes 18. 04 2015


    I like your map, I only ask you to put another outlet of sand and stone materials, each update also erases what is in the factory conreto and the same goes for animals

  6. Warondar69 12. 04 2015

    Ran into a serious problem at the bakery, at least I think it's the bakery. West side of the map. There's a huge water hole along south wall, and along the east wall that makes impossible to cross. I've uploaded 2 screenshots in the Image section for the map.

  7. mbert28 23. 03 2015

    I have tried to unload water at the concrete plant with a few different water tankers and can't seem to find a trailer that works. I assume you unload the water in the same dump area that is used to unload the cement since there is water drop markings on the ground there and a water tank near by. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong so I can start making concrete?

  8. diedani 21. 03 2015

    Vorurteile sind diego, würde ich fragen, ob Sie die Höhe des Shop der Fahrzeuge einige Trailer verändern und Lastwagen bleiben mit den Rädern / Klammern unter dem Niveau und daher nicht angeschlossen werden! danke !!

  9. Larsen 2131 14. 02 2015

    hi dani,i think this map is the best i have found so far,i have played your maps for a long time now and this works the best for me,i do have a problem,i dont now which trailer to use for loading sand-gravel and cement?? please help me dani.
    if I may comment on your next version,please insert a produktion for beer and sucker. othervise this is very ok

  10. ozgamer 25. 01 2015

    greetings from au,
    just downloaded the latest version of your map, and I must say well done, a functioning train line, and as far as I can see no issues with trees around the fields, large fields to work,
    my only complaint and it maybe my computer having an attitude it seems to be frame skipping a little bit,

    but i'm going to rate this 5 stars because it's a good looking map, and you have covered the important parts, I haven't had a decent run on it, but if I find any bugs of concern i'll be in touch.
    regards ozgamer

  11. ozgamer 06. 01 2015

    first of all, thankyou for the hard work you have put in to this map.
    secondly, I've rated your map 4/5 stars, because you don't have a working railway station, the map layout it's great, large areas no tree's persay to run into,
    there was a few things that did bother me, but nothing to worry about. just some invisible collision's

    if you can get the railway line functioning as it should, I will change to 5 stars.
    keep up up the good work.

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