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  1. Warondar69 14. 11 2019

    Mod: 2019 Ram 3500
    Needs work. Looks alright, but it flips over way too easily and often.

  2. Warondar69 14. 11 2019

    Mod: POS CHEVY
    Well, at least you're honest, but I'll pass on the download.

  3. Warondar69 25. 09 2019

    Mod: Northwind Acres
    Great map for those who enjoy large fields and using large equipment. I do find the starting farm yard a bit crowded with the various buildings, which leaves very little room for driving and storing large equipment properly. I also noticed a few issues with objects, like a floating light pole, and a building with a huge hole beneath it. Overall it looks like very nice, and your doing a fantastic job with what you've made so far. Looking forward to any updates.

  4. Warondar69 02. 09 2019

    Mod: Delta Del Ebro 15
    One question, what does TP stand for, as in Trailer TP and Excavator TP?
    Une seule question. Que c'est veut dire TP comme exemple Trailer TP ou Excavator TP?

  5. Warondar69 22. 07 2019

    Mod: DEUTZ-FAHR C9300
    Very pleased with the mod, although I'm having issues when unloading into trailers. It seems like you can only unload at the very front or at the very rear of the trailer. I tested it with a few different trailers but it happens with all of them. Any chance you can look into this? I have no idea what could be causing the problem.

    Google Translate, sorry for any errors.
    Sehr zufrieden mit dem Mod, obwohl ich Probleme beim Entladen in Anhänger habe. Es scheint, als könne man nur ganz vorne oder ganz hinten vom Anhänger entladen. Ich habe es mit ein paar verschiedenen Trailern getestet, aber es passiert mit allen von ihnen. Gibt es eine Chance, dass Sie sich damit befassen können? Ich habe keine Ahnung, was das Problem verursachen könnte.

  6. Warondar69 05. 05 2018

    Mod: Cantal
    J'ai continue de jouer ta carte fantastique, mais comme avant c'est impossible de débarquer les poulets à la station d'oeuf. La petite porte ouvre, mais je ne trouve pas le "trigger" pour faire débarquer les poulets. J'ai essayé different trailer à animaux mais aucun ne marche.

  7. Warondar69 11. 04 2018

    Mod: seven mountains
    Very detailed and immense map which has surely taken many hours of designing. Thank you for sharing. I also uploaded a screenshot of the 'amazing' production flowchart found at the main farm. :o)

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  8. Warondar69 13. 12 2017

    Mod: MAN Cobra extension for the AR-Pack
    Well, I can tell you as a former Forest Officer that this machine is real and very much used in all kinds of forestry operations across the world. Look up the Jenz Cobra and it's hybrids. Very functional and specialized piece of machinery. Give it a try.

  9. Warondar69 29. 06 2017

    Mod: Adapter wheel loaders skid steer loaders
    Great idea for a mod, and now I can get some use out of that skidsteer logging equipment that I never use.

  10. Warondar69 29. 06 2017

    Mod: Case IH230 Axial Flow 9230 Combine Pack.
    Big thanks to the NLD Farmers team. Great mod as always.

  11. Warondar69 29. 06 2017

    Mod: Yenisei 1200-1
    Fits perfectly with the rest of my fleet of old Eastern Europe equipment, so I thank you kindly for sharing it with us.

  12. Warondar69 19. 05 2017

    Mod: Caterpillar CT660
    Thanks for the trucks, look great and run great.

  13. Warondar69 13. 05 2017

    Mod: Valley Crest 1
    At the start of the map things were working fine, like cultivating, seeding, harvesting crops, and then I went to the quarry with my trailer and things went bad quick. Had to alt+ctrl+del out of the game.
    The only warning in the log was dozens of the same error at the quarry.
    Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
    dataS/scripts/triggers/TipTrigger.lua(521) : attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value

  14. Warondar69 14. 11 2016

    Mod: Sampo Rosenlew HR46 Mod Pack (Full Cranecontrols)
    Thank you!!! This feller-buncher was totally useless from day 1. As mentioned, the booms didn't have the proper control and reach needed. It left giants stumps, wasting the best part of the log. I can live with the broken hydraulics/boom animation. Now I can at least use it.

  15. Warondar69 14. 11 2016

    Mod: Starkholz
    Now we're talking. Almost Pacific Northwest forest big, almost. hehe

  16. Warondar69 14. 11 2016

    Mod: Placeable blue spruce
    Thank you for the Picea pungens tree mod. They're such beautiful trees and you can't mistake them for any other species thanks to that blue tint in the needles.

  17. Warondar69 14. 11 2016

    Mod: AugerWagon for Woodchips & Chaff
    The 'realistic' crowd need to get a job. This is farm sim game, and as such isn't realistic to begin with. Great job. It's perfect for single player mode with field that aren't 'helper' friendly.

  18. Warondar69 11. 11 2016

    Mod: Langenfeld
    Which Giants totally disagrees with. Respect Giants.

  19. Warondar69 08. 11 2016

    Mod: Kiefer Marked Set
    Can't thank you enough. Now you can easily do real cutblock layouts for clearcutting with buffers and block boundaries, as well as selective logging with pre-marked trees to be felled. Keep up the great work. As a Forest Officer who monitored logging operations, this is the kind of mods that I really look out for. Huge thanks. 5/5

  20. Warondar69 08. 11 2016

    Mod: chipper dock
    The mod works just fine as is, so thank you. 5/5

  21. Warondar69 03. 11 2016

    Mod: Volksvalley
    Nice to see your map in FS17 biface, huge thanks.

  22. Warondar69 01. 11 2016

    Mod: Empty all fields not purchased
    It's a personal choice, that's all. Myself I like having the field missions, since like in real life, farmers will do jobs for other farmers...not for the big money you get in the game though. If you want to have unplanted fields, you can wait for the field to cycle to 'harvested' and buy it then. Again, it's just a personal choice, and some will rather use this mod which is fine.

  23. Warondar69 31. 10 2016

    Mod: Garant Kotte TAS 30000
    With 100s of each animal, I've lost track on how many loads of water I've had to drive around. So...THANKS!!!! hehe
    Real time saver for sure. 5/5

  24. Warondar69 28. 10 2016

    Mod: Ford pickup
    If it works, don't care what company emblem is on the front grill. hehe

  25. Warondar69 27. 10 2016

    Mod: New Holland CR10.90 Combine Pack.
    Filed a complaint against the 'Unregistered User'.
    Totally disrespectful, and nothing to do with the actual mod in question. It's just a rant about the user whining about being disappointed with FS17. Wrong venue, and frankly, we don't care.
    I for one think modders like NLD do great work, including this mod which works great.
    As usual, thanks NLD Farmers, much appreciated. 5/5

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  26. Warondar69 27. 10 2016

    Mod: GPS
    You only realize how much a mod really makes a big difference in a game when you don't have it anymore. Just played a few days in FS17 without the GPS Mod and couldn't stop saying "Jeez I can't wait to see the GPS Mod for FS17!" hehe
    Huge thanks. 5/5

  27. Warondar69 26. 10 2016

    Mod: food storage
    Respect for Giants. Read your EULAs once in awhile.

  28. Warondar69 21. 10 2016

    Mod: Oregon Springs
    Thanks Richard.
    A great looking map and everything works as it should. The only 2 suggestions I have are:
    1. The paved roads have very abrupt angles on inclines either at the bottom or top of a rise. It causes some pretty bouncy moments even at slow speeds, and I actually bottomed out and got stuck while hauling machinery on the lowbed. Contouring the sharp edges on those paved areas would make it perfect.
    2. Some of the decorations at the SouthWest sawmill actually take room away from actual logs and equipment. I especially find the log storage location right at the log loading point of the sawmill could be used for actual logs for instance.

    Anyways, those are the only 2 items on the whole map that I noticed could be maybe improved, and everything else on the map is excellent and spot on. Huge thanks. 5/5

  29. Warondar69 18. 10 2016

    Mod: Great Contry
    Great Contry...MH should probably fix that name. hehe

  30. Warondar69 18. 10 2016

    Mod: SIP Tornado 80
    There's a cool, little corn harvester that I hadn't tried or seen in any of the FS games. Nice job, works great. 5/5

  31. Warondar69 12. 10 2016

    Mod: Sudenhagen
    Totally amazing map, even more so with the update. The way the building functions are setup make it all look like new additions to the game. Great work. Easy 5/5.

  32. Warondar69 12. 10 2016

    Mod: Sosnovka gold addon
    Great job on the addition to Sosnovka, but like others I have major problems with the gates. Just sitting there with your vehicle doesn't open them as stated. Tried all the available types of door opening scripts also, just in case. You can drive your tractor through them no problem, just not some of the implements.
    Without this, I can't play the map properly, which is too bad really. Hoping for a fix or gate removal.

  33. Warondar69 29. 09 2016

    Mod: Muddy Map
    Don't get me wrong, I really love mud on FS maps, but only when it's implemented as part of the environment on the map as a whole, in locations that you would normally find mud holes like near swampy areas, at watering holes, at stream crossings, etc. It just doesn't look right (or play right) when it becomes the biggest part of a map with mud almost everywhere. If the game could manage the level of mud from lots of mud just after a rainstorm and to a little mud when it's dried out and sunny, but it can't manage that. The game 'Spintires' comes to mind when I see some of these FS maps.

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  34. Warondar69 27. 09 2016

    Going crazy trying to find The Well for the gold challenge! hehe Don't know how I could miss it, but I just can't find it. Anyone able to point it out for me please?

  35. Warondar69 23. 09 2016

    Mod: Fendt 818 Vario TMS
    Great little Fendt tractor, thank you. Too bad about the known bug with Terrain and Dirt Control though since it's on so many of the top maps now. I'll keep it for now and hope for a fix, other than removing Terrain and Dirt mod.

  36. Warondar69 21. 09 2016

    Mod: Volvo 180G
    I never can understand people who strongly oppose a mod solely because of a minimal or lacking description.
    IF it were based on the dismal breaking system and it still being an unworthy edit of the original mod, then yes, give it a bad rating.
    This being a mostly German speaking site, some people just don't want to translate English/French/Spanish/Norwegian in a horrible Google Translation exercise where they'd get a bad review for that as well.
    Grow a pair. The modder doesn't need to hold your hand to walk you through a mod of an already known frontend loader. Or maybe you do.

  37. Warondar69 13. 09 2016

    Mod: Canadian Prairies Ultimate
    Wheat Kings here I come. Thanks for the update.

  38. Warondar69 21. 08 2016

    Mod: Grande Brenne
    Just opened an account this month but sure are busy giving modders 'suggestions' (more like demanding) on how they should of done to make the mod the way you'd want it.
    I would suggest you start making mods then so you can have the things you want on a map.
    You should upload it here also so we can give you OUR 'suggestions'.

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