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People Valley V1.0


Hereby I want to introduce an edited version I of Goldcrest Valley Map.


Next I changed to the map:

The main courtyard was built in a different place from scratch.

All animals are on the farm.

The farm offers a lot of space for more, placeable objects.

Water, seed and fertilizer can be purchased on the farm.

The car dealer has moved into the vicinity of the farm.

Various halls and shelters set up in the yard.

There is a field at the farm.

All gold nuggets were redistributed.

Minor changes in the tiling.

Wheat, barley, canola and Landscape textures of Eribus installed.

Trigger increased for the sale of wood at the sawmill.

All Tour Icons removed.

The reset point down to the yard.

Some minor adjustments.

PDA image renewed.


I wish you now enjoy.

Criticism is encouraged, but please always remain objective and fair!




Original Map: Giants

Frucht und Landscape Texturen: Eribus

Unterstand: 1LS12

choppedStraw: webalizer

Lichtpck: Niggels - VertexDezign

Dorset: Weidetor

Farmer Andy: SeedMaster, CompostMaster

Nils23: Saatgut Lager, Digitale Anzeigen

kevink98: Sägewerk, Milchtrigger

slowtide63: Sojamilch Produktion, Brettertrigger

BlackSheep: AdditionalMapTypes Add Price Table

Joerg_B: Große Halle

Blacky_BPG: GasStationExtended, Buy on Silo Trigger, Waage mit Statistikfunktion

Marhu: CombineStrawFix

GTX Mods: Multi Storage Shed

auwgl: Bio Diesel Produktion

TyphoOn: BGA für Kleinbetriebe

kevink98/Marhu: Fabrikscript

nico1410: CooperativeBiocer

steve1912: Schild

Xentro: FillablePalletFix

GtX (LS-MODCOMPANY): Water Trough Addon

Realismus Modding: Grazing Animals, Seasons Mod

Ifkonator: GMK Mod


  • 12 Oct 23:40
    Version 2.4.1 Seasons

    Fehler beim Gülle Mist Kalk Mod gefixt. Es war keine Kalk Textur vorhanden.

  • 12 Oct 22:26
    Version 2.4 Seasons

    Map ist jetzt Seasons ready.
    Gülle-Mis- Kalk Mod eingefügt.
    Ablade Trigger beim Gartencenter gefixt.
    Kleinere Performance Verbesserung.

  • 10 Oct 16:46
    Version 2.3.3

    Water Trough Addon eingefügt.
    Grazin Animals Addon eingefügt. Der Mod darf sich nicht im Modordner befinden, da dieser bereits komplett in der Map verbaut ist!

  • 04 Oct 20:12
    Version 2.3.2

    Digitale Anzeige am Hofsilo überarbeitet, es werden jetzt auch die Füllstände der Siloerweiterungen mitgerechnet.

    Einige Scripte aktualisiert.

    Trigger bei der Hoftankstelle etwas verschoben.

    Waage mit Statistikfunktion bei der großen BGA eingefügt. Info

    Diverse kleinere anpassungen.




02.11 2016
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V 2.4.1 Seasons
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V 2.4 Seasons
Farming Simulator 17
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16 Comments for Volksvalley

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  1. PitbullSpirit 11. October

    Hello Biface,

    Nice to see you back and glad i can use this map mod again.
    Quick question : Grazing animalsis built-in, translating the german part of your changes didnt go well : does this mean grazing animals mod is not needed in modfolder?

    1 replies

  2. Pikass 06. 02 2017

    Ok war ich etwas zu früh!!!!

  3. Mr.Cow 24. 01 2017

    Achso vorallem die performance der Map ist super

  4. VipersFury 20. 12 2016

    Hey Biface,

    I just read your message and not messaging you to change your mind cause it is up to you BUT I do wanna say thank you for all your hard and kind work in (for me) FS15 with Volksholm and Volkshill but also for FS17 with VolksValley. I still like the quality you deliver a lot better, i did try Wonderland until I noticed some things and you just confirmed it, which is a shame.

    Just wanted you to know you have people who will miss YOUR WORK, you have always been kind and nice to me and also to others who treated you right.

    So if you really made up your mind to stop for the public I am the first one to respect it and honor it, cause even if I do not mod for this game I do know the positives and negatives when being a mod maker.

    But it is a loss as far as I am concerned for the FS Community, what ever you decide to do I wish you all the best and despite this I want to wish you and your family/loved-ones a Merry Christmas and Happy Newyear from myself and my husband.

    Much love 2 of the biggest fans of your work around.

    PitbullTasja and husband

  5. benprojekt 19. 11 2016

    Also ich finde die Map S U P E R!!!!
    Macht richtig Spaß, Danke

  6. itsnick426 13. 11 2016

    Thank you! I love how the yard is so spaced out, I did add more storage areas for implements but overall a perfect map!

  7. Chelrid 12. 11 2016

    Dedizierte Server meldet bei Volksvalley 1.1:
    "DDS texture file 'maps/Objekte/Tanksaeule/textures/Decals.dds' is too big. Size 21.33 MB (max. 12.00 MB)
    DDS texture file 'maps/Objekte/Tanksaeule/textures/gasStation_normal.dds' is too big. Size 21.33 MB (max. 12.00 MB)
    DDS texture file 'maps/Objekte/Tanksaeule/textures/specular.dds' is too big. Size 16.00 MB (max. 12.00 MB)
    Unknown file type 'maps/Objekte/Tanksaeule/textures/Thumbs.db' "

    1 replies

  8. Roam 11. 11 2016

    die Maps ist spitze. Im SP ohne Probleme.
    Der Dedi schmeißt folgende Fehler aus. Kann mir da wer was zu sagen?

    Unknown file type 'maps/choppedStraw_SDK/straw_haulm_density.gdm'
    Unknown file type 'maps/map01/cultivator_density.gdm'
    Unknown file type 'maps/map01/forestGrassDark_density.gdm'
    Unknown file type 'maps/map01/fruit_density.gdm'
    Unknown file type 'maps/map01/terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm'
    Unknown file type 'maps/map01/townDecoGrass_density.gdm'
    DDS texture file 'maps/Objekte/Tanksaeule/textures/Decals.dds' is too big. Size 21.33 MB (max. 12.00 MB)
    DDS texture file 'maps/Objekte/Tanksaeule/textures/gasStation_normal.dds' is too big. Size 21.33 MB (max. 12.00 MB)
    DDS texture file 'maps/Objekte/Tanksaeule/textures/specular.dds' is too big. Size 16.00 MB (max. 12.00 MB)
    Unknown file type 'maps/Objekte/Tanksaeule/textures/Thumbs.db'

    1 replies

  9. Warondar69 03. 11 2016

    Nice to see your map in FS17 biface, huge thanks.

  10. Sirtex1 03. 11 2016

    thank you biface for the map

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