Valley Crest 1

V 1.7 mod for Farming Simulator 17

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Welcome to Valley Crest

Standard Map with additional modifications ...

  • Shop
  • Sugar factory
  • Transport company
  • Wood loading station
  • Sawmill
  • Milk feeding place
  • Warehouses / garages with workshop and water tower
  • Biogas plant
  • Hydroelectric power plant with bridge

As well as new roads, new train routes are also included.


Have fun with this map !! As shown in Fig.




  • 20 May 21:05
    Version 1.7

    -Steinbruch- schnelle diesel Auffüllung bei (rock,dirt,craked)
    -Steinbruch- Neu Lager gravel,dirt,craked
    -Neuer Hof mit Salaternte
    -Neu Palettensammeler
    -Neues Sägewerk gröss

  • 16 May 20:36
    Version 1.6

    -Feld Fix
    -neu ballenlager

  • 13 May 19:58
    Version 1.5

    -Sägewerk - Paletten fix
    -Steinbruch rock 2

  • 11 May 19:47
    Version 1.4

    -Steinbruch gefixt multiplayer
    -Farming lager
    -Seedfertilizer Saatgut und dunger und liquid
    -Hof neu

  • 28 Apr 19:27
    Version 1.3



checksum: 22d751ddff8b95032839f4d9b5759b38
Version: 1.7
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: Dammemax
price in shop: LS
name in shop: Valley Crest
description in shop: Willkommen in Valley Crest.

28.04 2017
Modhoster user rating
3.82 / 17 Votes


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V 1.7
Farming Simulator 17
1.21 GB 749
Sat 749
V 1.6
Farming Simulator 17
1.13 GB 618
16. May 618
V 1.5
Farming Simulator 17
1.13 GB 786
13. May 786
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  1. Anyone have any idea how to make the excavator to scoop up stuff? I had the stuff there.. I think im at the right dig points? been trying to figure it out lol any tips for a noob will be appreciated :p

  2. At the start of the map things were working fine, like cultivating, seeding, harvesting crops, and then I went to the quarry with my trailer and things went bad quick. Had to alt+ctrl+del out of the game.
    The only warning in the log was dozens of the same error at the quarry.
    Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
    dataS/scripts/triggers/TipTrigger.lua(521) : attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value

  3. Please add to extrackt gold out of the dirt with the Goldmaster like in mining and Construktion :)

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