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This Oil Mill will transform some of your crops into the respective oil, having as output some pig feed (from the pipe).
Adding woodchips (bulk) and empty pallets (can be bought from store or made with one of my empty pallets production) will boost your productivity.
Crops accepted: corn (MAIZE), dried corn (MAIZE2) sunflower, canola, olive, soybean, poppy (POPPY) and flax/linseed (LINSEED).
Pallets increased to 2000 liters, also visually are bigger.
Will work on any map (of course is intended for Rogatki or any other map that has linseed and/or poppy as crops), just that the productions for poppy and linseed oil won't have inputs and those missing fillTypes will generate some log warnings.
There is no need for a selling point, because all the products can be sold on the map.
For support, extra mods/mod edits and a nice comunity, join my Discord (link in profile).


Production Revamp

  • 25 May 10:04


25.05 2023
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