Reversing camera for truck

V 1.2 mod for Farming Simulator 15

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With this mod you can look back at the window when you are reversing with truck and trailer (like in ETS 2).

If you find any errors or issues, let me know in comment or to and i will fix it in next version.


Script: kenny456
Idea / Concept: kenny456


  • 26 Sep 16:18
    Version 1.2

    -added option to turn on reversing camera on right side
    -no super realistic with truck, but it could be cool for tractors
    -right camera can be turn on/off by presing KEY_KP_enter when you are looking to the right

  • 16 Sep 20:11
    Version 1.1

    - added controls for position of reverse camera
    - you can now use reverse camera for any vehicle instead of truck only
    - helptext will show when reverse camera is active, you can enable/disable it by NUM_0
    - setted position of camera will be saved for current vehicle in your savegame

    Controls: KEY_KP_0 - show/hide help controls
    KEY_KP_minus - move camera outside
    KEY_KP_plus - move camera inside
    KEY_KP_multiply - move camera forward
    KEY_KP_divide - move camera back
    KEY_KP_period - reset position of reverse camera

  • 11 Sep 19:54
    Version 1.0




checksum: 928e6d8ae5ca463820a0a40b907e4c36
Version: 1.2
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: kenny456
price in shop: LS
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11.09 2017
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