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Hello Friends of Farming Simulator 17.

Hereby I provide you with a savegame, which should be for the multiplayer.

The main focus here is on the shredding of the fruit varieties corn, poplar and grass.

No livestock, etc ...

On the standard map GoldCrest Valley only with original vehicles, WITHOUT MODS.

All fields of the map are owned, all fields are rooted, sown and fertilized, so ready for harvest.

  • Fields 20 and 1 are sown with grass, fertilized, mowed, brought into swath, ready for ensiling with pickup.

  • Fields 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 26 are sown with poplars, fertilized and ready for harvest.

  • all other fields are sown with corn, fertilized and ready for harvest.

  • at the BGA there is a wood chip acceptance point (original Heizomat from the play).

  • the silo's 1 + 2 + 3 at the BGA are fermented and can be made into money in the SiloKing.

  • Silo 4 and 5 at the BGA are empty.

  • on the side of Silo 1 at the BGA, there is a small pile of wood chips for further processing.

  • a fleet of 2x shredders, 4x MAN trucks with semi-trailers, wheel loaders with shovels and silage grapples, for compacting Fendt 936 with weight and silage shield and a Challenger with weight are included (all standard vehicles).

  • the name in the game is == ADMIN ==, so everybody knows who the BOSS is:)


Unpack the savegame (unzip, with WINRAR or 7Zip), copy to the folder FarmingSimulator2017, load the game in the game under Multiplayer Game, adjust your settings and you're done.

This savegame will help you and your friends spend some nice hours in multiplayer.

Just play for fun, chop and have fun.

I would also like to thank all those who made the LS17 the way it is now through MODS, MAPS, PROGRAMS, and so on. THANK YOU.

Best regards

Bonds farmer


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Sonstige: kann gerne weiter gegeben werden : )


  • 15 Apr 20:23
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