Upgradable Factories

V 1.0 mod for Farming Simulator 22

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Upgrade your production facilities! With this mod you will be able to increase your production speeds and storages, so you no longer need to place multiple productions.
Features :
- Production chains now have levels that you can increase.
- Upgrading a factory will cost you slightly more each level than buying a new building.
- Upgrading cost is vastly compensated by the gain in production speed.
- More production speed means more storage space.
- Because you don't have to build a new facility, you save on production costs.
- Factory value is increased when upgrading, so you can claim your investment back when selling a facility.
Note that there is no maximum level, only your money will limit you!
This mod does not yet support multiplayer.
More info on GitHub.




  • 07 Dec 17:12
    Version 1.0


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07.12 2022
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 22
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  1. Xini 10. January

    Wäre super, wenn es den auch für Multiplayer geben würde :)

  2. thswubby 17. 12 2022

    Der Mod hat ein Problem, wenn man keine eigene Produktion auf der Map besitzt. Dann lädt das Savegame nur bis 99%. Müsste mal noch gefixt werden, sonst ein toller Mod.