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Hello All, here's a video tutorial for the installation of my garage. The video is not beautiful and is a little big, but for this you can see everything step by step how to do it;) After you've done everything right, the map is of course again packed into a zip and then clean it in the "Mods folder and gaming! For this tutorial I have used the same SampleModMap and made a little video out of the game ... so to speak, as proof that it works. This time I have taken the time just for you. Here I mean those who want to hammer out but have not yet ... but it could also be a support for all others who have little experience with the Giants Editor. So, passing only the original link! I hope it works! BulldozerXL.




  • 16 Jun 11:00
    Version by BulldozerXL


16.06 2011
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V by BulldozerXL
Farming Simulator 2011
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