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The UniversalProcessKit (UPK) is not a mod in the actual sense, but it extends to LS15 functionality to make it easier for modders to equip buildings with features. It does not matter if the building is to be placed anywhere or can be installed.

The name is English and is pronounced roughly "Junni-Wörsel Proßess putty". It literally means "comprehensive processing kit".

Version: The development of the mod is not finished, I extend it all the time, fixed bugs etc.pp. The progress you're welcome on my Twitter account ( https://twitter.com/UPK_LS13 ), on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/universalprocesskit ) and on the developer page ( https: // github. com / mor2000 / UniversalProcessKit_FS15 ) track. There is also a documentation and some Beispielmods deposited. For large changes I will re-upload a new version here.

To get a glimpse of how it is been used so, here are some links to mods that use it:

- Placeable pile
- Apfelmod
- ROS Fruits And Berries
- ROS warehouses


This kit consists of various modules, whose actions are triggered by the player or which become active depending on the level. It can also be enhanced by self-programmed modules.

The configuration of the UPK mods is controlled solely via User Attributes in the i3d Mapper and "use" Modder the functions easy (as the functions of the Giants scripts also.) - It is not necessary / allowed the UPK "bridge" to.

Admittedly sets the UPK the properties of the modules not completely automatically (it does not know what you're up to it) and you need to incorporate a bit if you want to use it in your mod. This can of course be connected in the beginning with frustration. Nevertheless, the only alternative would be to program your mod from scratch.

On the GitHub page is a documentary about how modules are, what they do and how to configure them. There are also a number of Beispielmods that show how the configuration is implemented. To create a simple tilting-bearings-filling-Mod is ne matter of a few minutes.

Mods that use the UPK are automatically multiplayer capability.


As Mapper, modders and players alike: Simply put the zip in the mod folder and is good it is not allowed him to maps or mods integrate directly..

Errors / error messages: Since it is not apparent to players if the UPK has an error or the mod has been configured incorrectly, please contact you only the modders do so. He then comes up to me, if it is not on his mod.



  • 21 Feb 12:18
    Version 0.9.8

    weitere Bugfixes, neue Funktionen

  • 31 Jan 22:10
    Version 0.9.6

    weitere Multiplayer-Bugs behoben

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    by mor2000
    ago over 9 years


20.12 2014
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  1. BrainBomb 27. 04 2016

    Error: Invalid placeable type 'PlaceableHeaps.PlaceableHeap'

    habe patch 1.4.2 drauf

    2 replies

  2. John6800 09. 09 2015

    Moin, hab v 0.9.8 Mit der Krone Ultima vom Modcontest kann ich nur leider kein Gras vom haufen entnehmen, welches ich zuvor mit dem big l gemäht habe. habe auch de nbale add gras mod drin. also wen ndas gras im schwad liegt geht alles super. hab nur ne schiefe ecke wo ich mit dem big l besser zurecht komme. Kann mir wer helfen. Danke schonmal.

  3. Aussie_Lee 01. 02 2015

    I never use a map without this mod now, thank you for your 100% useful tool.

    Note to all: keep your piles at 250,000 - 300,000(l) and space them out. This will avoid 'lagging' while working with or near the pile.