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FS 19 : FS19_RealLifeNumbers v [sp]

Fs19_reallifenumbers FS19_RealLifeNumbers Mod
This mod has three main objectives: 1.  To define a game environment mimicking real-life farming in a well-defined area. 2.  To enable players to individualize the game using a simple editor. 3...
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FS 19 : FS19_RealLifeNumbers_US_Heartland v [sp]

Fs19_reallifenumbers_us_heartland FS19_RealLifeNumbers_US_Heartland Mod
This mod has three main objectives: To define a game environment mimicking real-life farming in a well-defined area. To enable players to individualize the game using a simple editor. To provide...
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FS 19 : FS19_RealLifeNumbers_UK v [sp]

Fs19_reallifenumbers_uk FS19_RealLifeNumbers_UK Mod
This mod has three main objectives: To define a game environment mimicking real-life farming in a well-defined area. To enable players to individualize the game using a simple editor. To provide...
  1. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers_US_Heartland
    This could be due to a conflict with another mod. It works for me. I suggest editing the Key reading statement in line 577 in RealNumbersSpraying.lua to test another key stroke combinations.

  2. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Hello Striker2379,

    My experience is, that it is better to change the numbers in the mod, than trying to overwrite it. In this case, drag a copy of Seasons to a another folder, unzip Seasons, go to the file src\vehicles\specs\SeasonsVehicleSpec.lua

    line 44:

    spec.nextRepair = 30 * 60 * 60

    If you want, say 100 hours service interval, change the "30" to 100 in the expression.

    Save the file, make a new zip file in the Seasons top directory and drag the new zip file to your mod folder.

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  3. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    You are correct. Some adjustments are being made.

  4. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Thank you for asking. I'm working on an update. This will be a preliminary version, which will work, but without the predictive information. A new approach is needed to predict annual feed intake as this now depends on the animal growth curve. Crop growth duration is also left for Seasons to manage.

  5. Mod: Südhemmern
    I hope you understand my English. I enjoy playing Suedhemmern very much. But, is there a possibility that you in a future version can make it possible to tip the vegetable fruit to ground. This would allow me to store vegetable fruit in a proper storage shed and not treat them as if they were grain fruit. NF Marsch 2.0 is one of very few multifruit maps that has this feature. And excuse me, if this has been asked before.

  6. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers_US_Heartland
    Yes, as much as possible. The mod is divided into several scripts just so it will be easier to localize conflicts with Seasons. In the FS17 version of Seasons, focus was on realism, not on real-life. I don't know if that will change. I doubt that Seasons will change the in-game economy since a large audience likes the elevated sell prices. So I expect there is a good possibility for both mods to add to different aspects of the game.

  7. Mod: New Sherwood Park Farm V.1 Multi Fruit
    Wonderful with a multifruit version. But, as with several other multifruit maps, I'm not allowed to tip the fruit to the ground. This means that I'm unable to store multifruits in storage sheds. I don't like to handle vegetable fruit as if they were grain. Grain silos are not a very realistic choice for storage of vegetable fruits. Many multifruit maps resort to this and I was wondering if this is just something people don't care about or if this is the only possible option.

    Both when loading redCabbage from a universal buy point and when tipping it into the grain silo, no animation of loading and offloading happens. The level increase/decrease in the tipper, but that is the only animation seen. When lading sugarbeets, the crop is seen coming out of the spout, and when offloading it in the storage shed, you see the animation of crops falling to the ground.

    The file densityMapHeightTypes.xml contains no information on the extra filltypes, only the standard filltypes. Is that the reason for this issue?

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  8. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Hi JS39. In FS19 you buy a farmland area which may have one or more fields. Purchase and rent prices must therefore be specified for a farmland, not for a field. The mod has a set of redefinable numbers which points to the farmlands that can be rented. Farmland 1 can on a given map hold field 1 and field 9. Hence if farmland 1 is rentable, it means that both fields 1 and 9 will be rented. If fields comes in a bundle, it is not possible to choose arbitrary which fields you would like to be rentable.

    The new feature in the coming update assigns a number of real-life growth days to each crop. The data is taken from a variety of sources and requires a lot of time to process. Working on this at the moment. Data is not available for all crops and also not for every country. But I'll try my best to use the data I have. Spring oat is about 103 days in US Heartland, 119 in the Mountain region and 129 days in Northwest region. A game day is 30 real-life days, so it will be about 3.5 gamedays in the US Heartland, 4 gamedays in the Mountain region and 4.5 gamedays in the Northwest region. If players find that to be too long, they can reduce the numbers. Personally I hope the longer growth time will allow me time to try out some of the production mods that are coming into many maps now. I also hope that it will give me a better chance to spray for weed before the harvest stage. The growth of weeds is not controlled by the same parameters as ordinary crops. So at the moment I don't know how to control the growth of weed.

    I'm sure Seasons will control crop growth, so at that time I'll review the need for this feature in my mod.

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  9. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Hello JS39. Yes an update is soon to be released. I was ready to do so, but then a couple of multifruit map updates came out with new fruits and I thought I would add them to the update. This is a bit time demanding, as many map makers spell fruit names as they please. The good news is that I'm replacing GrowthControl with my own simple add-on. GrowthControl has not been updated to handle multifruit. So I decided to add the possibility of entering the number of growth-days for each fruit defined by the mod. Growth-days is to be specified as real-life days, e.g. 45 for grasses, around a 100 for grain and even longer for sugarbeet.

    If a farmland holds more than one field, it will look as if you have paid for both fields, but in reality the price is for all the fields within this farmland.

    Some field numbers have been designated to Rentable fields. You can change the field numbers in an editor. There are 2 rentable fields for each 10 fields. The price for renting is taken from national statistics and depends on the location. The rent price is written together with the purchase price when you press lAlt-rf. In effect you are just paying a lower price for the field. Ideally you would have to pay rent once every year.
    PS. Couldn't make the reply button work. Hence a new post.

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  10. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    With patch 1.4 the store items have been renumbered. This causes a few store items to get incorrect prices in this mod. A correction is being tested.

  11. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers

    Hello George15
    Economic difficulty level should be HARD.
    Der wirtschaftliche Schwierigkeitsgrad sollte HART sein.
    Bei NORMAL werden die Preise um 1,8 skaliert
    Bei EASY werden die Preise um 3 skaliert.

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  12. Mod: North Frisian march
    A great map, but why are fill types not translated to English when I choose to play Farming simulator in English. It is more a matter of avoiding the same fill type being represented under two different names than a religious war on language.

  13. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Version 1.1.3 is somewhat ready for multiplayer. Not on a dedicated server, but on a local host.

  14. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    The old save will work fine. The only issue is if you regret and want to restore the game as it was before activating FS19RealLifeNumbers. To restore old prices and other parameters, you will need to reinstall the map and reinstall a backup of the savegame.

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  15. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Thank you for your kind thought. I don't now what the problem is.

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  16. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Hi JS39,

    I will try out the map and see what is causing the problem. Thanks for letting me know.

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  17. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Yes, you read the spreading table correctly. It sounds like a lot, but in this mod, the liquid fertilizer is diluted by a factor of 20. Because liquid fertilizer is sprayed directly on the plants, the fertilizer has a higher plant availability factor. For this reason, the amount of pure fertilizer nutrients sprayed is reduced by a factor of 2. A liquid fertilizer sprayer needs a certain minimum nozzle flow rate to function properly. For this reason a large fraction of the tank is just water. The price of liquid fertilizer is reduced by 20, so that when filling a 2000 liter sprayer you only pay for the 100 liter of fertilizer, not the 1900 liter of water. Making video-guides is not a bad idea. Me making them would be a really bad idea.

  18. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Chickens are assumed to stay in the pen for two gamedays (2 months) before selling. Only then will they grow in numbers to lay the amount of eggs expected.

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  19. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers

    The log file says:


    pen : 1

    Pen type : Standard
    Animal color : BLACK
    Animal fillType : 77

    chicken start number = 42
    chicken end number = 91
    chicken pen capacity = 100
    chicken BirthRatePerDay = 1.3182
    chicken mean number = 70.6726
    chicken time to first birth = 00:44:42

    Trough food per year = 5544 Liter
    Wheat field for chicken feed = 0.5359 Ha
    Barley field for chicken feed = 0.5345 Ha
    Total egg volume per year = 578 Liter
    Total egg pallets per year = 8

    chicken feed per chicken per game day = 6.5372 Liter
    egg pallets per chicken per game day = 0.0091
    chicken food spillage per game day = 0.3269 Liter

    The number of egg pallets per day per chicken is 0.0091, almost 1/100. So 100 chicken should produce 1 egg pallet per gameday.

    In the script RealNumbersInitialization, you can adjust the volume of an egg pallet:
    RN.chicken.eggVolumePerPallet = 75; -- Liters/pallet

    A smaller pallet capacity should give you more pallets.

    You need a lot of chickens, so I would recommend a chicken pen with a large capacity (300 - 500) and keep the number of chickens close to max capacity. If you set the starting number of animals too high, the mod will reduce the number so mature plus offspring can fit in the pen.

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  20. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers_US_Heartland

    Fixed a couple of errors.

  21. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Thank you for letting me know. I will try out the map when I get back from a pc-free weekend trip.

  22. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Hi, honestly I don't know. I'm away on non-pc weekend trip and can't try things out. Maybe start a new savegame and copy files over from the old one one file at a time.

  23. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers_US_Heartland
    Version A few errors were corrected. Further tests did not trigger new errors. However, the mod is very diverse and impossible for a single person to test completely. If you do find a problem, please send an e-mail, so it may be corrected. The mail address is listed at the top of each script file.

  24. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Thank you JS39. I'm sorry to say, that not everything is working as intended. Even in the latest version there are still a few issues. A mod with this much diversity turns out to be very hard to test. You may have tested for days, and things work fine. Then you set a worker to spray herbicide, and caboom. Lua error all over the screen. A few errors have no been fixed, an testing is going on.

    It would be very nice if the mod could be made to work in multiplayer mode. I just don't know how to do this yet.

  25. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Vielen Dank, german1955. I will copy this into the official description.

  26. Mod: New Sherwood Park Farm V.1 Multi Fruit
    Before I download. Have the fields got numbers in the updated map?

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  27. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Tuzlo fixed the problem by reducing the combined keystrokes from 3 to 2. It appears to be a problem for his computer.

  28. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    That is not a surprise. I don't do multiplayer and can't test multiplayer. And even worse, I don't know what should be done, to make it work.If somebody know what to do, I would be glad to hear about it.

  29. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Would it be possible for you to send me your log file. My e-mail is in the top of the mod scripts.

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  30. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    In diesem Mod können Sie die Spielparameter ändern. Zum Beispiel Ernteertrag, Ernte- und Tierverkaufspreise, Milch-, Wolle- und Eierpreise, Grundstückspreise, Sprührate. Es definiert auch die Futteraufnahme für reife und junge Tiere neu. Wenn jemand die ursprüngliche Modbeschreibung ins Deutsche übersetzen kann und sie mir gibt, dann füge ich sie in die Beschreibung ein. (Google translate).

  31. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    I know. But I wasn't aiming for the average user. I was aiming for those users who set up their own simulation game.

  32. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    I've found an error in two of the scripts. That may have caused the lack of output. The latest version is What map are you playing? I've seen maps with missing field info.

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  33. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Hello Chris, I made a few corrections. The latest version is now The US Heartland version is available at Here you can get the version for Germany. Let me know if you have problems with version

  34. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Merci beaucoup Wege pour avoir traduit le texte en français.

  35. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Hello squall39,

    I don't speak French. If somebody would like to translate the mod description into French and send it to me that would be great.

  36. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Hello Chris, try and comment out the following 3 lines (204,205,206) by putting two hyphens first in the lines:

    --local modName = "FS19_RealLifeNumbers_DE";
    --local RealLifeNumbersDirectory = g_modNameToDirectory[modName];
    -- local moddir = string.gsub(RealLifeNumbersDirectory, "/"..modName, "");

    The 3 lines are not needed anymore. I'm wondering why you get the message and I don't. Are you using the "DE" version of the mod, or another version?

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  37. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Have you changed the game.xml file so you can see the log file on screen? This is shown on page 8. Also, you should hold down the left Alt key while pressing r and s simultaneously. I hope you are using a PC, as scripts do not work on consoles.

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  38. Mod: FS19_RealLifeNumbers
    Do you see any output on the screen when pressing left-Alt-rf or left-Alt-rs? Have you looked further down the log file? Lots of loading information is written to the log file in the time between my mod has loaded and I press e.g. left-Alt-rf. I delete all the loading information and save my log output in a pdf file readable with my tablet.

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